E3 2017: Monster Hunter World Will Have Cross-Regional Servers, Drop-In Multiplayer
Monster Hunter World

One of the announcements that sort of slipped through the cracks like a dime through a loose floorboard was Capcom’s reveal of Monster Hunter World during Sony’s E3 press conference. The five minute announcement video revealed that the game is set to launch on the PlayStation 4 at some point in early 2018.

The five minute trailer aired during the early parts of Sony’s E3 press conference, which was fairly light on stats but heavy on trailers. It felt like one big, long, juicy commercial that you didn’t want to punch in the face. You can check out the Monster Hunter World trailer below.

Now even though the game’s debut trailer only showed one person moving around in the world like some kind of lonesome fella who got separated from his tribe and raised in the wilderness, the reality is that the game is supposed to be a drop-in and drop-out experience.

Strangely Capcom didn’t show any of the actual multiplayer segments of the game, instead focusing on the player’s ability to use the environment to camouflage and hide from certain monsters, as well as the ability to lure other monsters out of their lairs and into the territory of other dangerous beasts. That feature alone makes the game seem a lot more dynamic and emergent than other games in the series’ past.

The typical cooking and scavenging for supplies is also making a return. As revealed in the interview that took place during E3, we find out that the game is actually fully open-world and there will be no instanced areas.

The game also has a living and breathing ecosystem, as we see in the trailer where one of the monsters is already dead after being hunted by another group of monsters.

There will also be a series of new costume accessories that will allow players to camouflage to hide from monsters and also use costumes to lure monsters out of hiding, which is pretty cool.

They also announced that the game will feature cross-regional servers, so for the first time Japanese and American players will be joined together across the exact same servers in the game. It will be interesting to see how that all plays out. Four-player co-op will also be present and for the first time players will be able to have friends drop-into or out of the game using the new signal flare system, which indicates to other players to drop right into the middle of a hunt.

Monster Hunter World is due for release in early 2018 for the PS4.


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