E3 2017: Need For Speed Payback Videos Cover Nissan 350z Customization
Need For Speed Payback - Nissan 350Z

A lot of people were asking about the Nissan 350z as one of the premiere cars they wanted to race with in the newest Need For Speed game. Ghost Games obliged by adding the car to Need For Speed: Payback, which is like a cross between Burnout: Takedown, The Fast & The Furious and EA’s own The Need For Speed: The Run.

During the EA Play event as part of the E3 2017 festivities, the publishing giant invited a bunch of YouTubers out to Los Angeles to get some hands-on time with the newest racing title. This resulted in plenty of video footage being captured as gamers and YouTube content creators managed to take gamers through the customization process for a few of the vehicles, including the Nissan 350z.

You can check out the first video below, which features commentary from BlackPanthaa, as he discusses the various options and differences between the customization in previous Need For Speed games the latest Need For Speed: Payback.

So one of the really cool features with the customization is that bodykits are now no longer restricted to entire kits. You can actually use parts from different kits to mix and match them and create your own vehicular monstrosity.

While in some previous games you could make certain modifications to the hood, grill, bumper and side-skirts, usually the aftermarket bodykits would simply change the entire physical shape of the car and you couldn’t modify the different parts. This time around you can modify the different parts individually.

For the Nissan 350z we see that there are parts from The Alchemist, official tuner parts from Nissan, Chidori, Americana Automative, Rocket Bunny, Rotiform, Vorsteiner, Fifteen52, Watanabe Racing Service, Speed Hunters, Toyo Tires, Idlers, Stretched, Falken, Voltex Racing, Kumho Tire, and Outlaw Parts & Labour.

BlackPanthaa also discusses that when you raise the Camber and then lower the body of the car it automatically tucks the wheels into the body. You can see more of how the customization works thanks to a non-commentary video provided by GTA Wise Guy, which you can check out below.

If you don’t care about customization but you do care about racing, EA released a new trailer for the game that actually shows how one of the missions play out. They have what they call “Blockbuster” moments that play throughout the segments. They’re basically cinematic style cameras and slow-mo to help tell the story. These segments are interspersed throughout the level, so there’s a lot of broken up gameplay as you move through the story mode. You can see what it looks like in action with the trailer below.

Need For Speed: Payback (or the game that wasn’t quite good enough to be a spin-off of Burnout) will launch on November 10th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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