E3 2017: Ooblets Combines Pokemon Combat With Animal Crossing’s Slice Of Life

One of the new games that had a very tiny bit of a spotlight during Microsoft’s E3 press conference is Double Fine’s Ooblets, a cutesy style slice-of-life RPG. Recently the Double Fine-made game was previewed during one of the E3 live-streams and we were able to find out a lot more about the game during the live demonstration.

Unfortunately other YouTubers have yet to snatch the footage from the Rooster Teeth live-stream but there were a few cool things gleaned from the preview. For one, the game allows you to customize your very own character after you get off the trolley and explore the town.

Much like Pokemon there are various clubs you can join. This will determine your starting ooblet. Once you get your ooblet you can then head out into the wild and begin fighting and capturing other ooblets.

The combat system is practically identical to Pokemon. You have your basic attacks and you choose which attack you want to use against your opponent. It’s turn-based combat, and certain attacks will obviously be more or less effective against certain ooblets.

If you manage to win you can snag an ooblet seed and then head back to your farm and plant it to grow the ooblet you defeated. It’s very similar to the monster breeding in Legend of Mana or Monster Rancher.

Despite the game only being in development for nine months by a two person team, Ooblets actually looks to be one of the more polished gaming experience showcased at this year’s E3.

The entire charm of the game’s aesthetic comes through with the rainbow palette and soft pastel highlights. The minimalist tone really suits the game’s visual appeal and the simplified mechanics will likely draw in a huge casual audience if it receives the right kinds of marketing or exposure.

In addition to the Pokemon-style combat and adventuring, there is also a day and a night cycle, various community events, and lots of NPCs to interact with. This is where the Animal Crossing elements come into play.

For gamers who enjoy the more slice-of-life style experience, you’ll find plenty of casual play around town where you can interact with other characters, take on various quests and establish your presence in the little town. Additionally, there are shops scattered about where you can upgrade and customize the look of your character, as well as unlock new accouterments for your ooblets.

You can look for Ooblets to launch on PC and Xbox One at some point in 2018.


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