E3 2017: Sonic Forces Video Previews Avatar Gameplay For The Furry Fans

Seven minutes of gameplay from the upcoming 3D action-adventure game, Sonic Forces was previewed at this year’s E3. Gamers were able to see what the new 3D, fast-paced platformer looks like in action thanks to some new footage from IGN.

If you were interested in the gameplay for Sega’s upcoming title, you can check it out below.

The stage is introduced as “Sonic Stage”, likely referring to a story mission that helps get things underway.

It’s a city stage not unlike the Rooftop Run from Sonic Unleashed. Despite the over-the-top ridiculousness with Sonic turning into a werewolf, there were some pretty legit stages in that game with some equally good music.

In this case, Sonic Forces recycles a lot of what has worked in the more recent past with 3D Sonic outings. They’ve kept the left and right bumper dodging during fast-paced segments. They’ve retained the ring-dash using ‘Y’/Triangle, and it’s still possible to lock onto and bop enemies by double tapping ‘A’/’X’.

The boost feature has returned to blast quickly through stages, and the mid-air stunts are also making a return.

Much like Sonic Colors the game also seamlessly switches between 3D segments where you’re behind Sonic through a good portion of the levels, and then it will switch to the side-scrolling, where players will race through a stage using the classic 2D-style mechanics.

After the new Sonic completes his stage, we get a brief look at a classic Sonic stage, where the old-school pudgy Sonic has to fight Dr. Eggman.

Then things really get interesting when we see one of the custom avatar characters racing through a classically made stage, which features some side-scrolling platforming.

The custom character has a projectile weapon in hand as they blast through the stage using a flamethrower.

The custom character doesn’t look too out of place, but obviously this will depend on how the character is designed and what sort of special abilities players equip them with.

One thing is for sure, the furry community is going to have a field day with Sonic Forces when it launches this fall for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.


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