Scorn Gains New Screenshots; Devs Say It Will Be Different From Agony

Remember the game Scorn? Well, developer Ebb Software behind the horror-adventure game released two new screenshots showing a hallway and the main character’s hands holding the familiar weapon shown in other screenshots. Scorn’s first chapter is set to come out for PC sometime in Q4 2017.

Not too long ago, in a low key post by Ebb Software on its Twitter and Facebook page there were two new screenshots posted for their horror-action game, Scorn. The two in-game screenshots depict a hallway and the hands of the protagonist holding a pistol-like weapon.

In addition to the above, Ebb Software also posted up the following text regarding Scorn:

“Since the reactions to our first trailer were so positive we decided to give the upcoming gameplay trailer some more time to really shine. Second impression may be even more important than the first one so we want to make it great, not just good enough. Unfortunately that means you will have to wait some more for the gameplay trailer but here are a couple of screenshots from it just to get your imagination going.”

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The screenshots above, of course, sparked a lot of fans to ask a numerous amount of questions that consist of how is the story told and is it through words, how are the PC specs and will the game be different from titles like Agony? Starting with the first question, the devs replied that…

“Most of it is up to interpretation. But there won’t be any text in the game so in a way you could say he doesn’t speak.”

The next fan question about Scorn revolved around PC specs, how well optimized is the game and will it run on different PCs?

“No specs yet since we haven’t gone into optimization yet but for reference this build runs on a standard gaming PC in quite nice fps.”

The last question about Scorn was about gameplay. One fan wanted to know if the game was going to be like a walking-sim or like Inner Chains or Agony, and here is what Ebb Software had to say about that…

“We are actually trying to make a game that will be very different to those ones gameplay wise.”

I should also note that weapons do shoot projectiles according to the devs and that guns stand to be a last resort rather than something that is a constant problem solver.

There you have it, Scorn is still in development and has not been abandoned. Lastly, the horror-adventure game’s first part is set to come out for PC sometime during Q4 2017.


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