Elex Videos Feature Strippers, Combat, Cool Environments And Stiff Animations
Elex Trailer

Due out October 17th, 2017 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, THQ Nordic and Piranha Bytes released a new trailer for the new open-world RPG IP, Elex. The trailer sports a look at the game’s combat, open-world traversal, various biomes, some strippers and some super stiff combat animations.

The minute long trailer is actually cut together in a pretty slick way. The music and the editing is top notch, even if the character animations are kind of lazily done. You can check out the trailer below.

We see some of the desert biomes, the forest areas, the mountain regions and more. The game seems to have a very similar design and look to Fallout literally fused with Skyrim. It’s like someone said, “Let’s combine Skyrim and Fallout 4 together!” and they came up with Elex.

Conceptually it doesn’t look bad, and if the traversal is decent enough then it could be a really fun game.

We get to actually see a lot more of the gameplay in action courtesy of YouTube Play4Games, which features 16 minutes of gameplay. We see some of the melee combat, some of the projectile-baed combat and some of the traversal mechanics in play, including the jump-jets.

A couple of things worth pointing out: The procedural adaptive animations when the character walks by the 3:11 mark is really well done. The way he glides his hand across the dilapidated car is a nice little atmospheric touch that adds immersion to the game.

The added ambiance from the dust blowing in the wind and large draw-distance really helps as well. It sets the stage making the game look really, really engrossing from an environmental design standpoint. It seems like there is a lot of character and nuance to the environments, which is extremely important for an open-world exploration game.

Elex - Mech

The weaknesses of the game shine through with the melee combat animations and magic-use animations. We see how stiff some of the characters move and how the hit-detection and reaction animations are a bit sub-par.

Even still, it’s not really worse than what you would find from a Bethesda game… so there’s that, too.

As a mid-budget AA-style game it looks ambitious enough. It’s just a shame they don’t have animators as talented as those at Platinum Games helping out with the combat, otherwise this game could be elevated far beyond the current expectations from gamers.


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