Eon Break Turns Nikola Tesla Into A Time-Traveling Action Hero
Eon Break

Glad Rock’s Eon Break is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. The futuristic, space-manipulating, action-platformer is looking for $50,000 to complete development and launch the game at the end of 2017.

Back in April we reported that Glad Rock was seeking votes from the Steam Greenlight community for Eon Break. The game was promoted back then (and still is) as a Metroidvania game where players would manipulate time and space in order to travel through time to fight Nazis, and prevent the Third Reich from overtaking the world.

The game puts players in the role of Nikola Tesla as he uses a variety of his more eccentric inventions to battle monsters, Nazis and other enemies throughout his time-traveling adventure. You can check out the Kickstarter pitch video for the game below to see it in action.

Glad Rock mentions in the video that they’ve been working on the game for the past two years, and that they’ve been attempting to refine the game’s art-style and playability.

The game isn’t just about hunting Nazis, though. The Nazis are a symptom of a much greater evil… no, not Hitler. There’s an ancient evil that has infected the Earth for eons… an evil spawned from an alien menace that crash-landed on Earth long ago.

Tesla wants to rid the Earth of this evil and must travel through time to discover its origins and whereabouts. He uses a mind-manipulator to send himself back through time in order to fight all who stands in his way to destroy the evil menace.

According to the pitch video, the retrowave soundtrack that was in the original trailer and at the beginning of the Kickstarter video will be present in the full game. The OST will hearken back to the days of the 80s, and the art-style is themed after retro 16-bit titles but with HD sprites and backdrops.

If you’re at all interested in Eon Break you can visit the Kickstarter page for more info or lay down some coin at the feet of Glad Rock. Otherwise you can keep a watchful eye on the game from afar and see how it develops assuming it gets funded and can release this December.


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