Exzore: The Rising Relies On Dynamic RPG Choices That Actually Affect The Game
Exzore The Rising

Oftentimes in RPGs we’re told by publishers and developers that the game feature multiple choices and that each choice throughout the game will actually affect the game world, only for those choices to be about as varied and significant as the base RGB color scale. Well, Tiny Shark Interactive’s Exzore: The Rising is a new action-RPG set during medieval times that promises real change with real choices that have lasting consequences.

The game was originally announced back at the end of May, but it came at a time when most people were ramping up coverage for E3 earlier in the month. It was an easy game to miss if you weren’t specifically looking for it, but some new demo gameplay is being made available so Tiny Shark is looking to make a second round of first-impressions for people who missed out on the game the first time around. The initial announcement trailer for Exzore: The Rising can be viewed below.

The general gist centers around the former leader of the Exzore army unit, Damien Clive, who ends up getting betrayed and going on a quest to seek retribution and restore his owner.

The gimmick of the game centers around Mechanical Gadgets, which work like the magic of some sorts in the title. Vishal Ranga, the creative lead of Tiny Shark Interactive, mentioned in the press release that the gadgets will require tactical deployment in order to overcome the increasingly difficult AI enemies, saying…

“The NPCs and your enemies will get smarter and stronger as you play, so players will really need to consider their actions. Additionally, experimenting and coming up with creative ways to use the special abilities of the Exzore gadgets really make the game your own.”

The game is set within the realm of Eogaan, which is broken down into four separate regions, each with their own cultural differences. Hence, players who join or affiliate with one group may find themselves in the cross-hairs of an opposing group.

Each mission will affect the overall disposition of the game world toward Clive, which will ultimately determine how the adventure ends. Along the way players will be able to pick up companions, complete quests in non-linear ways, unlock new gadgets, and craft equipment using the new modular crafting system.

If the gameplay is solid and the choices really do sculpt and shape the virtual world the way the press release indicates, then this could be a nice large-scale RPG alternative to the Elder Scrolls series. You can keep track of development for the game, which his scheduled to launch in late 2018 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, by visiting the official website.


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