F1 2017 Is Running At Native 4K And 60fps On Xbox One X
F1 2017 XBox One X 4K
(Last Updated On: June 24, 2017)

Apparently it’s not just Crackdown 3 and Forza Motorsport 7 rocking native 4K resolutions on the Xbox One X. Joining other games in the 4K and 60fps category is Codemasters’ F1 2017.

According to Codemasters creative director Lee Mather, he mentioned to GamingBolt during a brief conversation at E3 2017 that F1 2017 will run native 4K at 60fps on the Xbox One, just like Playful’s Super Lucky’s Tale and Forza Motorsport 7

“So, we are already running on Xbox One X over in the Microsoft stand. So that’s here this year already. It’s already running at 4K and 60 frames per second with HDR enabled. It’s still early days with that build but we’ve already started to turn up some of the features.”

This is an impressive feat given that getting games to run at 4K is already a difficult feat for home consoles. Getting a console game to run at 4K and 60 frames per second is an even bigger challenge, and yet Codemasters managed to pull it off well before the game is even set to launch.

According to Mather, they’re still optimizing the game and improving the visual fidelity. He mentioned to GamingBolt that there are still a few passes before the game releases where they plan on upping the reflections, shadows and stabilizing the frame-rate further…

“We’re going to see how far we can get to being close to a high spec PC. We’ve increased the fidelity of the mirrors, so they run a higher frame rate and higher detail. Shadows can be better. Reflections can be better. See, it’s still early days for that one. But we are already running on it, and it’s here at the show.”

This is yet another game that trounces the PS4 Pro, making it look weak and pathetic compared to the Xbox One X. Microsoft at least has a real mid-gen console with real muscles under the hood, unlike the PS4 Pro.

In addition to revealing that F1 2017 is going to be a sparkling 4K at 60fps, Codemasters also revealed that the game will house the classic Williams cars. You can check out the trailer below.

The game will include the 1992 Williams FW14B and the 1996 Williams FW18.

According to Claire Williams, the Deputy Team Principal of Williams Racing, she mentioned…

“The FW14B is one of our most iconic cars and one of my personal favourites. With Nigel Mansell behind the wheel, it was a force to be reckoned with and provided one of our greatest eras as a team in Formula One. The FW18 of 1996 is statistically our most successful ever car, winning 12 out of 16 races, six of which were one-two finishes, on our way to securing the Constructors’ title.”

The game is scheduled to release later this year for the Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS4 and PC starting August 25th, 2017.

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  • Revolver Ocelot

    Wow…so this…is the power…of the X…Bonks…

  • Jimmy DoneGood


  • XterminatorbotMK1

    Pretty dumb wasting $500 on a half assed mid gen upgrade that still runs most older Xbone titles at 720p and 900p when next gen is approaching.

    • Jessie Armstead

      There isn’t going to be another system for at least 3 years. 2020 at the earliest

      • XterminatorbotMK1

        It maybe sooner than that and even if it is 3 years that is not a lot of time before next gen starts.

        • Kreten

          You must live under a rock if you think that next gen is around the corner! Next gen won’t happen untill 5nm architecture is around at affordable price! Second you missed the point where this is the next gen console and that MS are done doing traditional console cycles and will be more like Phone and PC generations!

          Actually most 720p or 900p games use Dynamic Resolution which means they will run at full 1080p plus 16x af etc improvements.

          But again don’t expect next gen untill 20TF-30TF GPUs are a thing cause remember each gen is at least 4.5x more powerfull and that’s not gonna happen untill well after 2020.

          See how some actual information and common sense can go a long way?

        • Jessie Armstead

          Ima see if this system delivers on the promises bc I don’t trust MS. But if it does then Ima really consider buying it

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    Oh my
    The X is mine day 1