Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto DLC Launches June 27th For Xbox One, PS4
Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto

It’s been well over six months since Final Fantasy XV launched for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, but Square Enix is still rolling out new content for the game. After Episode Gladio dropped earlier this year, Square will now release Episode Prompto starting June 27th next week.

The news for the release date of the new DLC was accompanied by an E3 trailer that seems to be a little late to the party, but if you missed the showing of the Final Fantasy XV content at this year’s event at the Square Enix booth, you can check out the two minute trailer below, which features a snowmobile, rocket launchers and assault rifles. You can check out the trailer below.

The story in this particular DLC takes place between the time when Prompto fell off the train and when the team met back up with him in the tower during Chapter 13.

During that time Prompto managed to get himself some designer winter clothes and find his way to the Magitek facility using a snowmobile, where he James Bonds-his way through enemy soldiers while using one hand to steer and the other to fire his gun.

We also find out that Ardyn explains to Prompto how he was made and how the fairy-looking boy band member is actually artificial.

We get some shots to confirm what Prompto solemnly and sullenly mentioned to his other boy band members during Chapter 13.

We see Prompto in a test tube, proving that whoever was making the clones had a serious hard-on for making an army of young ladyboys.

Anyway, Prompto whips out his Snake… skills and begins to punch, kick and shoot his way out of the facility with the help of another companion. A lot of YouTube comments compared the trailer to Metal Gear Solid.

Prompto’s DLC campaign almost looks like an entirely new game, featuring over-the-shoulder third-person shooting, rocket launchers, giant bosses that look like they escaped from Metal Gear Solid, and enough explosions to leave Michael Bay pantsless and exhausted.

Prompto’s episode is due to drop next week on June 26th.


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