Fire Pro Wrestling World Set To Hit PC Via Steam On July 10th

Spike Chunsoft has released some new info on the upcoming fighting-wrestling game Fire Pro Wrestling World. The latest news surrounding the game is that it will become playable through Steam Early Access when July 10th rolls around. Fire Pro Wrestling World is currently set to release for PC and will later gain a PS4 version when complete.

Folks who enjoyed the works of Human Entertainment’s Fire Pro Wrestling might find enjoyment in the upcoming version by Spike Chunsoft entitled Fire Pro Wrestling World. If you have no idea what the upcoming game has to offer, the official description lies below.

“The greatest grappling game returns to take on the world! Customize every aspect of the match, from your wrestler to the ring itself, in your fight for the championship belt.”

Before detailing more about Fire Pro Wrestling World and its newly announced release date, the devs highlighted four things: Online Play, Mix Up the Rules, Unlimited Customization, and Realistic Simulation.

Online Play, as its name suggest, allows players to organize exhibition matches, tournaments, leagues, championship bouts, and battle royals with players from around the world.

Mix Up the Rules peers into different setups that include Deathmatch (steel cage, barbed wire or landmines), MMA rules, and no-holds barred Gruesome Fighting.

Unlimited Customization will provide you with exactly what its name implies. Players will be able to create their very own wrestler using over a thousand moves and body parts to battle for custom championship belts. Customization also includes the ring, mat logo and even the referee.

Realistic Simulation adds personality to a player’s very own creation with a robust CPU logic system that defines their every action. With the above out of the way, the official trailer lies below.

Lastly, when Fire Pro Wrestling World leaves Early Access, which EA is set to start July 10th, a full version of the wrestling game is planned to release across PC and PS4.


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