Friday The 13th: The Game Free Update Includes New Outfits, Free CP, Retro Jason

Friday the 13th

As a way to say “We’re sorry!” and “We royally screwed up our launch so we’re giving you something free in hopes of winning back your trust after having a launch that gave you a bad first impression of our independently made, Kickstarted game”, Illfonic and Gun Media have released a free update for Friday The 13th.

If you’re on home console it might be a little late but if you’re on PC the update should happen automatically through your Steam client.

The update features two brand new outfits for each of the playable camp counselors in the game, along with 13,000 free CP, and a double XP weekend set to take place at the end of this week starting on June 23rd and running through June 25th. They tweeted out all the free content through a short minute and a half long video that you can check out below.

Oh, and the last piece of the free update includes a purple-themed Jason, mirrored after his awful incarnation on the original NES game.

The best part about the Jason skin is that it comes with a free chiptune remix from Mitch Murder. For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Murder, he’s one of the legit guys who has helped revive retrowave and make it as beloved as it is. Check out the music video to “Interceptor” below to get an idea of what this dude is all about.

As I said… he’s legit.

If you’re gaming on PC then the update for Friday The 13th: The Game will drop automatically. You might not see the update arrive on Xbox One until the afternoon. PS4 owners usually see updates go live at around 5pm Eastern Standard Time. So keep your eyes peeled.

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