Fumito Ueda Talks New Game And How It Will Be “Very Different”

You do know Fumito Ueda, right? If not, he’s the guy behind Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and The Last Guardian. Well, he now has a new game in the works that will be “very different” from his past works like The Last Guardian. No word on platform or release date as those details have not been announced yet.

During an interview that went down between EuroGamer and Fumito Ueda, we learn that there is a new game in the works that Ueda will be presiding over, and although he avoided going into much detail about the upcoming project he did provide thoughts about development of the new game.

During the interview-like session, the publication site learned from Ueda that he is going about early production differently compared to previous games he’s worked on. Ueda mentioned that he started off with visual inspiration from something like a short film and now plans on building a prototype to best any shortcomings during development.

According to the above, one could agree that that sounds promising, right? Well, a game like the Last Guardian, before and after its long production, garnered a mix reaction in that some felt the game is unique while others expressed that there are a lot of technical issues plaguing the game. Additionally, Ueda is seeking to fix long development times, technical issues and other problems that may ebb some gamers the wrong way with the current “tools” and “game engines now available”.

In other words, with all of the new game engines already established and in existence, he (Ueda) will be able to bring something to his dev team to make development and gameplay much better when the next game launches. I should note that he wants to avoid another 10 year development hell that was The Last Guardian, and told the publication site that…

“I would like to finish a game as soon as quickly possible,” he said with a smile. “Many problems” were responsible for The Last Guardian taking “a very long time”, he said, but offered no further detail.

The true question is will Ueda and team understand the new game engine that they are working with? Take for instance a game like Mass Effect: Andromeda, the game is said to be running on one of the most powerful game engines (the Frostbite Engine), but if the devs have little to no real expertise with the engine, the lack of skill will show.

Hopefully, the new game stays in development long enough so that most if not all the major problems are squashed, but at the same time comes out in the near future so that it won’t take another 10 years for the new project to release. With that said, what’s your thoughts on this “very different” game by Fumito Ueda?


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