Furi Physical Release Now Available For PS4, Collector’s Edition Coming Soon For PC
Furi PS4

The definitive edition of Furi is currently available on PS4, as a limited edition physical release made available on the Limited Run Games web portal.

The DVD rendition of Furi is available right now for $29.99 for PS4, with the collector’s box edition for PC set to launch next week for the same price. The IndieBox Edition for PC will also be available for $30 and will come with a DVD, a 24 page game manual, a sticker, a code for the game’s DLC, and the original soundtrack featuring Carpenter Brut, Danger, The Toxic Avenger, Lorn, Scattle, Kn1ght and Waveshaper.

If you don’t care about the physical copy or the game, but you need some amped up music to help get you through the day, or to finish out a some piss-poor homework that needs to be cut down, cut up, and slashed to pieces like an unworthy boss from Dark Souls, you can buy the original soundtrack separately from over on the Bandcamp page for $15. If you’ve never listened to the soundtrack, shame on you. It’s one of the most badass compilations of synthwave and electronic industrial music available on the market at the moment. In fact, you can envelop your ears in the righteousness of Furi soundtrack with the embed sample below.

I could listen to that soundtrack all day long. It’s a real danger to anyone trying to find peace through a zen atmosphere, because the Furi soundtrack legitimately makes you want to go out and wreck the digital rectum of whoever gets in your way.

Anyway, the PS4 version of the physical edition is available right now. Pick it up, play it, have fun if you haven’t already. If you want the physical rendition for PC you can look to get your hands on it starting next week. For more info be sure to visit the Limited Run Games Store if you’re considering ordering a physical rendition of the game for PC or PS4.


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