Get Even Launch Trailer Finally Describes How The Pandora Device Works
Get Even

Bandai Namco and The Farm 51’s Get Even was delayed a while back due to the Manchester bombings in England back on May 22nd. The game was moved back by an entire month to June 23rd in due respect to the victims of the tragedy. Well, now that it’s a month later and the game is prepping for release, Bandai Namco sent out the official launch trailer for the reality-altering shooter game.

The launch trailer finally makes sense of the game’s bizarre science fiction themes. We learn about the Pandora device, which supposedly allows wearers to relive memories over and over again. However, in the launch trailer it’s explained by voice-over that it’s similar in effect to Prometheus being chained to a rock and having his liver eaten everyday by the eagle. Disturbing comparison, no doubt.

This explains in some way what the previous trailer showcased where subjects wearing the Pandora had gone clinically insane, trapped in a cycle of their own painful memories until they could no longer escape back into reality.

You can check out the launch trailer below, which is put together quite nicely, courtesy of GamesPilot.

The launch trailer is pretty slick, if I must say so myself.

Previously I couldn’t make heads or tails of this game, so I’m glad The Farm 51 finally put together a trailer that accurately describes what it’s about in some way.

There are obviously still tons of questions regarding how the weapons come into play and who the player is actually going around killing, but the whole reliving memories thing seems like it could prove to have a very interesting narrative, assuming it’s handled properly.

The launch trailer seems to show that it mixes in walking sim elements with standard first-person shooter elements. So it could work out decently if it’s paced well enough.

The reality-bending shooter will drop this Friday on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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