Halo 6 Won’t Be Revealed At Gamescom Or PAX

Halo has been going in directions that a lot of hardcore and new fans aren’t too happy about, and although news of a new Halo game would seem like it would bring excitement to a lot of people it also brings a feeling of disgruntlement among gamers, too. Well, Microsoft and 343 Industries seem to be taking their time with Halo 6 in that it won’t be revealed at 2017’s Gamescom or PAX event, which is in an attempt to make sure that the game is well rounded in both story and gameplay.

According to the official blog for all things Halo that is updated quite frequently comes information regarding Halo 6. In a recent post by GrimBrother One on the Halowaypoint we learn that the next game in the main Halo series will not appear at two upcoming game conventions.

At this point, I see a lot of people are split on a new Halo game coming out. Additionally, however your emotions may be toward the game, whether you are a hater or fan of the series, the fact here is that a new Halo game is being developed right now but it will only be revealed when the team is ready.

Speaking of when the game is set to come out when it’s ready, both Microsoft and 343 Industries will not reveal the upcoming sixth title in the series at this year’s Gamescom or PAX event:

“While there’s little to nothing that can be said on that front, it’s been made clear that we won’t be talking about Halo’s next major title for quite some time. And no, that doesn’t mean Gamescom. Or PAX. Trust us, when we’re ready to begin pulling back that proverbial curtain, you’ll know. It won’t be soon.”

Given that there are no teaser trailers, CGI videos or any type of gameplay footage pertaining to Halo 6 means that the game is still a mystery at this point. As of now, only time will tell if gamers are in for a surprise when the developers pull back the curtain and reveal parts of the game.


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