Here’s The Latest Rumors Regarding Cyberpunk 2077 And Its E3 Appearance

Some rumors have surfaced regarding Cyberpunk 2077 that just might hint at something far bigger than what gamers were expecting. The information also coincides with recent information released by CD Projekt Red. This “info” that sits on the rumor side comes from various forum boards that relates to E3 and Mike Pondsmith himself.

I should note that all of this information may or may not be valid about the much anticipated game Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red, but there is a high chance, if true, that this info regarding the game hints at something far bigger, given that it comes from Mike Pondsmith.

Firstly, on the Cyberpunk 2077 Reddit page, a user by the name of Xenolith234 caught a comment that Mike Pondsmith posted, who goes by the screen name of Therealmaxmike, and noted that…

“Mike Pondsmith commented last night on a thread and said that CDPR is “pulling out all the stops.” Curious.”

If you don’t know what that means, the devs are planning to go all out with whatever information there is about Cyberpunk 2077, meaning that it will be grander when news drops.

In addition to the above, this information links into what CD Projekt Red’s CEO of the studio, Marcin Kicinski, announced during an investor call as noted below.

“The promotional campaign (for Cyberpunk 2077) is already planned. It’s main element is the surprise, so I cannot even say when it will begin. Simply because it has to come as a surprise.”

Now I know what you are thinking, “E3 is right around the corner, aren’t they going to show the game off there?” Although it seems likely, but I’m not ruling it out, according to E3’s Exhibitors page (by Alpha), the devs don’t appear to be showing up at the event. The information about CDPR not showing up can be seen below.

The above links into CDPR’s 2016 financial results that contained the information about how 2017 is the year of GWENT. Again, I’m not saying that the team may not do a secret appearance, but don’t be shocked if nothing Cyberpunk 2077 related appears at this year’s E3.

Looking past the semi-heart breaking news and on to some heart warming news about Cyberpunk 2077. A certain user on the Cyberpunk 2077 forum board, Darthraver8686, noted something rather interesting. The comment lies below.

“Yo im trying to keep my composure but something is def going on. Theyve hired marketing managers now and people to change the website….not too mention that on the subreddit cyberpunkgame mike pondsmith himself posts alot and in his last comment from the other day he said its his last comment on the boards for a while cuz hes going “radio silent”. He said that some projects are “ramping up” and life is getting busy. Not sure if hes talking about cp2077 but it sure sounded like it. I think somethings gonna happen soon. N im not saying E3 but wouldnt that be crazy if that was the surprise?”

I already know what you’re thinking, “That’s not real”. Well, you’re wrong, because it is real. Upon doing research regarding Darthraver8686’s findings lead me to a Reddit user named Zirfeld, who had asked a question recently and Mike Pondsmith himself actually answered the user. Zirfeld’s comment sits below for those interested:

“Roleplaying games have become a very popuplar content on the web lately on twitch, youtube and other services. I am talking about channels like Geek & Sundry with Titanquest, Critical Role, Foreververse (and the occiasional game on Tabletop) or HarmonTown HarmonQuest on the more comical side of it. Shows with a relatively high prodcution value and recognizable players. I’m not saying not so recognizable players can’t be fun, too. But having a bunch of entertainment professionals sure helps the flow of the game (that and editing of course).


Is there any chance we are going to see something like this with Cyberpunk 2020? Maybe even the creator of the game as GM? I think a show like this would fit perfectly in the phase before the real marketing campaign starts to gain some momentum, and I sure would watch it.


Mike, I hope you find the time to answer, seeing that you have been very active here lately.”

And here are all Pondsmith’s replies to said user, which is rather surprising to me that he actually answered an everyday person’s random comment.

“Nothing planned that I know of (RTG media overlord Kirin handles that part of my life), but we will be doing Cyberpunk games at GenCon. I just got back from doing a live broadcast CP game onstage at Pyrkon in Poland and it was pretty awesome, so I’m definitely up for a streamcast. Will let you all know if Kirin comes up with something.


Also, I’ll probably be going dark on reddit for a bit, as Production is ramping up on several projects and life is getting busy.”

Notice how he capitalizes the “p” in production when talking about these several projects ramping up. It’s likely that he’s talking about the Cyberpunk 2020 board game here, which is set to release exactly around the same time as the video game that CD Projekt Red is currently developing. Also, notice in the post that he mentions his appearance over in Poland, this information links into the most recent talk about the game in that he went to said country and was pleased with CDPR’s progress on Cyberpunk.

So what does this all mean? Well, it means that when the game appears the devs will go all out and show everything there is to show in a surprising and breathtaking way or better put “pulling out all the stops.” This also means that the game may not show up to this year’s E3, but will more than likely appear during next year’s lineup of big game conventions in a flashy way. And lastly, it also means that Pondsmith is heavily involved with the board/video game and that both will be close to his envision of the original work.

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