Inside And Limbo Bundle Coming To Retail For PS4, Xbox One For $29.99

Limbo and Inside

Even though you can pick up a digital bundle pack of Inside and Limbo right now from Steam for only $12.58 due to a 58% discount during the Steam Summer Sale, which lasts up until July 5th, 505 Games and PlayDead Studio have announced that you can get Inside and Limbo together in a bundle pack for $29.99 starting this fall from local retailers for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

The bundle pack will also arrive with special collectors’ items, including a limited edition poster and an art card.

Beyond that it’s just both games on a disc in a physical package that you can buy from a store.

It’s an odd time to re-release the games as well considering that it’s not like either game has renewed vigor or interest due to anything happening recently in the marketplace. It’s just an out-of-the-blue announcement for some older games coming to home consoles in physical format.

However, not to be too much of a jaded, cynical dastard, I do have to admit that it’s at least good to see some indie titles that were once digital-only making their way to home consoles as physical releases. There are still people out there who don’t buy all of their games digitally and who do like having the ability to actually own what the purchase and play them outside of having to rely on the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live being up and active.

Limbo is a side-scrolling puzzle game set within a macabre world where giant spiders and natives try to kill you while you search for your missing sister. Inside is a thought-provoking science-fiction thriller set within a world where zombies are being mind-controlled and giant flesh-feast monsters are being experimented on in a lab.

Both games deal with some dark subject matter and don’t have the happiest of outcomes, but they’re interesting experiences nonetheless.

You can look for the bundle packs to arrive on both the Xbox One and PS4 this fall for $29.99.