Koei Tecmo Details Warriors All-Stars Party Battle System

Koei Tecmo has published a new video for Omega Force’s Warriors All-Stars, in which the video covers the Setsuna Clan and highlights actual in-game footage of the party battle system. The musou type game is set to hit North America on August 29th and Europe on September 1st and will hit PS4 and PC via Steam. Warriors All-Stars is currently playable in Japan across PS4 and PS Vita.

The latest trailer that Koei Tecmo released for fans of musuo type games comes a video showing Warriors All-Stars and its party battle system. The official description detailing the new trailer lies below.

“The action-packed trailer highlights the tried-and-true gameplay of the Warriors franchise while featuring members of the game’s Setsuna Clan, including Kasumi, Honoka and Marie Rose from DEAD OR ALIVE, Arnice and Christophorus from Nights of Azure, Laegrinna and Millennia from the DECEPTION series, Nobunyaga Oda from Nobunaga’s Ambition, Rio from Rio, and the young prince Setsuna.”

The trailer dives into the battle system of Warriors All-Stars and aims to show off each character’s unique fighting style while augmenting the Warriors franchise trademark “one Vs. thousands” in a new way.

Below is a new trailer that features the Setsuna Clan and comes in by Koei Tecmo.

In addition to the battle system, there are ways that a player can recruit more members to help fight, which four in total can join and help a player execute special moves. Unique Hero Skills are also on offer, allowing a player to choose an offensive or defensive alley who can deal a special attack to enemy forces, which can be used in tandem to create Combo Skills.

Moreover, Hero Combos can be executed at the end of a successful offensive sequence, uniting allied members to bring forth a timed/synchronized attack that wipes out waves of oncoming foes. Additionally, Hero Chains not only link multiple allied members together but allows a player to control the individual allied members on-screen.

The last feature mentioned sees a player’s offensive and defensive capabilities increased through a feat called “Brave Rating”. Once a player’s Brave Rating reaches a specific level, an “Awakening Skill” will be unlocked that can only be achieved through fighting alongside allies.

Warriors All-Stars is set to debut on PS4 and PC via Steam in North America on August 29th and in Europe on September 1st. The game is currently available to play in Japan on PS4 and PS Vita.


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