Lawbreakers Open Beta Download Available Now; Beta Ends July 5th


Boss Key Productions may have made Xbox fanboys saltier than the popcorn at the B&B Theatres by announcing that so far there’s only console support for the PS4, but starting today and going through July 5th, only PC gamers will get to smile because Lawbreakers is currently available in open beta and you can download the client right now.

A press notice was spilled out into the wild, like eggs from the basket of a clumsy kid, informing the public at large that they can catch a whiff of some of the vertical FPS action present in Lawbreakers for free by downloading the open beta.

The open beta isn’t just a retread of everything that Boss Key has been pimping throughout the closed-beta phase, there’s also some new content as well. For instance, there’s an all new map called Vertigo for players to rummage through for kills; it’s set in the Sierra Nevada mountains and has near suborbital elevation.

There’s also a brand new mode being made available for gamers, too, called Uplink. The Uplink mode is like a typical Capture the Flag style mode. You have to race to the center of the map, head-raping anyone and everything that stands in your way with whatever big-arse gun you have equipped.

There’s also some new weapon stickers available to help give gamers an opportunity to customize and personalize their weapon loadouts. Whatever weapon stickers you unlock during the beta will also carry over into the full version.

Lawbreakers is scheduled to make its way onto the market for the PlayStation 4 and Steam starting August 8th for $39.99. It’s a nice little change of pace that the first-person shooter will be buy-to-own instead of free-to-play. I’m also shocked Nexon decided to go that route since they’re typically used to making free-to-play games or publishing free-to-play games.

You can check out the game and grab the beta over on the official website.

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