Live2D Wallpaper Will Let You Create Your Own Live PC Wallpapers

Live2D Wallpaper is set to come out sometime this June, which is an engine or a tool on Steam that is similar to the very popular Wallpaper Engine. If you want your background filled with live custom content tailored to your taste I think that Live2D Wallpapers is something worth keeping an eye on.

If you happen to like Kristjan Skutta’s Wallpaper Engine, there is a new tool similar to named engine that will hit PC via Steam sometime this month and goes by the name of Live2D Wallpaper.

I know that you are probably thinking that wallpaper tools are trash but those tools have a nice crowd of people who seem to be dedicated to making desktop/laptop backgrounds, which is highlighted in red below.

As of this writing, Wallpaper Engine is still in an “Overwhelmingly Positive” state since it first hit Steam Early Access. There’s no doubt that Live2D Wallpaper will follow in the same path either with a “Very Positive” or “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating given that it passed through Steam Greenlight with ease.

If you want a quick summary that explains what Live2D Wallpaper has to offer you can read a bulleted list below:

  • Multiple model display
  • Free move and scale
  • Add Live2D models – support json files and lpk files
  • Let users make and upload models to workshop
  • Add backgrounds – support images and videos
  • Stage effects, filters and widgets
  • Support multi-display.

The original preview trailer for Live2D Wallpaper lies below for your viewing pleasure. The video runs for two minutes showing what is possible in the “desktop wallpaper” tool, which comes in by Pavo Studio.

Given that we are nearing the end of June, it is likely that Pavo Studio will release Live2D Wallpaper at the end of this month or sometime early in July for PC via Steam Early Access. Additional info can be found on this tool by visiting its newly posted Steam Early Access page.


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