New Rumored Information About Visceral’s Star Wars Game “Leaked”

Ever wondered what happened to Project Ragtag? Well, the game that Amy Hennig is behind that is also code-named “Visceral’s Star Wars game” is rumored to have its story leaked. The content within the game regarding the story and main character is supposedly laid out for gamers, and it’s possible to get a glimpse into the future of Project Ragtag.

Notice: All of the “leaked” information regarding Project Ragtag or Visceral’s Star Wars game stands to be a rumor at this point and may stand as spoilers. Visceral has not commented on the matter and the information pertaining to the Star Wars game in development could possibly change later down the line, so please do take this information with a grain of salt.

According to publication site we learn that the site received a few “interesting” things about the main hero and elements regarding the story of Project Ragtag. Below the site details the latest info (that might change in the future) on the upcoming Star Wars game:

“The story takes place after A New Hope and just before The Empire Strikes Back.


We’ve been told that Todd Stashwick (12 Monkeys, The Riches, the Originals, Supernatural, Gotham and writer of Visceral’s Star Wars game) is playing “Dodger.” Dodger isn’t his real name. He was forced into the criminal underworld when he “dodged” the draft into Imperial service, leaving home on very bad terms. When he decided to run he became wanted by the Empire and basically went into hiding in the seedy underbelly of the galaxy. He learned to be charming and how to talk fast. However, his life got a lot worse after the destruction of his home world of Alderaan and he found himself on a wanted “survivors list” held by the Empire (a story idea which popped up in Marvel’s Leia comic series).”

The site notes that after the Rebels blew up the Death Star, the Empire focused its retribution toward the outer rim where the Rebels originally formed. The site explains why this move is bad for “dodger” and what opportunities pop up:

“This is bad for Dodger but also gives him opportunities to make money. The Empire’s new involvement with the outer rim shakes up the criminal underworld in interesting and threatening ways to Dodger and his compatriots. Friends begin to turn on one another and criminals become heroes willing to aid the rebels for the first time.”

Dodger’s appearance in the story becomes important when he has the chance to work for Jabba the Hutt. The job will give Dodger the necessary funds to buy himself off the list of Alderaanian survivors via corrupt Imperials. However, in the process Dodger finds something bad about what the Empire wants to do with the weapon that hits close to home and forces him to confront his past and the destruction of his home-world directly.

The publication site notes that Dodger is armed with a light whip that doubles as a “grapple stick” and a blaster, which he often uses in combination to stop any threat cold in their tracks.

And that’s about it regarding the “leaked” info pertaining to Project Ragtag. Remember, it’s best to take all of the above with a grain of salt given that the game is still in development and no official word has yet to surface on the game. If you want more info on this “leak” you can hit up


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