No Trace Could Be A Spiritual Successor To Hitman Worth Playing
No Trace

The upcoming game No Trace is an isometric, stealth-action game that sees players traveling around the world taking down targets, using a variety of cool gadgets and weapons, and attempting to complete missions leaving no trace that you were ever there.

The game is an obvious homage to IO Interactive’s Hitman series. And given that IO Interactive was let go by Square Enix and the Hitman series has been put on ice, this might be the closest game we’ll get to that series for a long time to come.

In No Trace, players take on the role of an agent sent on various missions around the globe, carrying out various missions set within beautifully rendered, low-poly environments. Developers Square Mountain have used the Unity 3D game engine to help bring their game to life, and you can check out the latest trailer below.

The developers have been working on this game for quite some time, and they’re finally ready to move from alpha into beta when it inevitably launches. Given that this is a indie title, I wouldn’t be surprised if the game first makes a stop at Early Access before launching in full.

The gameplay consists of scouting areas using the protagonist’s inspection ability, which not only allows him to stop time but also get the profiles of the other NPCs roaming around the map.

His ability to quickly zip from cover point to cover point also adds an extra strategic layer to the combat, and the bonus of being able to carry out a variety of cool looking executions just adds to the flavor.

You can see an old alpha build of a mission in action, where the stealth mechanics are on display.

Keep in mind, though, you don’t have to play stealthy. You can go balls-to-walls Rambo if you want, shooting guys down, blasting through windows, knocking them through doors like Heisenberg, or just straight-up bopping people over the head with melee attacks.

Obviously, the gameplay is extremely similar to Hitman, but with the major difference being that it’s using the ¾ isometric view and the game apparently doesn’t punish you as much when you get proud for going loud.

There’s no release date set in stone yet, but you can keep up to date with the development progress by visiting the official website.


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