No70: Eye Of Basir, Horror Walking Sim Launches June 28th On Steam
No70 Eye of Basir

Old Moustache Gameworks announced that their horror-themed walking simulator No70: Eye of Basir will launch on June 28th on Steam starting next week. According to the press release, the first week of the game will see it discounted by 30% off the normal price, so you can get it for only $6.99.

No70: Eye of Basir centers around the story of Aras who goes in search of his missing brother, Ethan. Aras ends up heading back to the old house where him and his brother grew up, No. 70.

The objective is to explore the environment, explore the surroundings, and dive deep into the dark rooms and corridors of the house as you attempt to find out what happened to Aras’ brother. Along the way players will encounter supernatural phenomenon and dark omens looming over the house, adding a frightful tinge of horror to the walking sim gameplay experience.

You can see how the game comes together and what the atmosphere is like with the launch trailer below.

The premise sounds somewhat similar to What Remains Of Edith Fitch, with the protagonist making a return home to discover some of the lost knowledge tied to family history. The difference, of course, is that No70: Eye of Basir isn’t a reflective, whimsical journey through the genealogy of a somewhat eccentric but clever family, it’s more of a deep dive into a psychological thriller.

Players will investigate the house, experience supernatural phenomena and attempt to uncover the mysteries behind No. 70.

Some people might instantly find themselves turned off because it’s a walking simulator, but we’ve seen quality-made walking sims in the past that have managed to entice and entertain gamers, such as The Vanishing of Ethan Carter or Layers of Fear, the latter of which managed to sell quite well and capture the attention of a lot of gamers both on PC and home console.

Originally No70: Eye of Basir was going to feature VR support, but the developers had performance issues and couldn’t quite hit their target renders, so VR mode will not be available upon release. However, there will be a beta that gamers can opt into once they purchase the game to play-test the VR mode ahead of its official release.

You can learn more about this upcoming Unreal Engine 4-powered title by visiting the Steam store page or waiting for it to release on June 28th next week.


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