Observer Gameplay Demo Puts You In The Shoes Of A Mind-Rapist

Bloober Team unveiled some new gameplay footage for their upcoming game, Observer. The new gameplay footage covers seven minutes of gameplay. It’s a follow-up to the very brief and barely-there gameplay footage we got to see at this year’s E3 during Geoff Keighley’s segment.

YouTuber Centerstrain rolled out the new footage featuring Bloober Team commentary explaining what’s going on in the game and the general gist behind the plot. It’s a cyberpunk game set in a dystopian future, but the themes and aesthetic have been inspired by what an Eastern European cyberpunk future would look like, as opposed to the Neo-Tokyo or Neo-LA vibes most cyberpunk fanfare aims for. Players take on the role of Dan, an Observer, who has the ability to jack into the minds of other people.

You can check out the seven minute gameplay demo below.

The game centers around an investigation into a series of murders. The player-character has the ability to dive into the memories of various subjects, exploring psychological phenomena from within.

It all stems from the Chiron Corporation, which is the big, bad evil company that has established a corporatocracy in the region.

According to the developer, the idea is that there’s a hidden-horror element to Observer and the they want to be able to give people catharsis in facing their fears.

The hook for the game is that the player-character, Dan, uses a “Dream Eater” device that allows him to travel inside the head of the subject.

The developers classify the Dream Eater device and the Observers who use them as “mind rapists”.

The developer goes on and on and on with psychobabble about mind access, catharsis, horror, privacy invasion and all that other stuff we hate about Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook privacy raper.

Personally, I would suggest that you turn the volume off and watch the video while listening to some psytrance. The developer commentary is more distracting than anything. In fact, listen to this while you watch the demo above. It will help out drastically with setting the mood.

The premise of Observer is cool, though. And you can look for the game to launch on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC later into 2017.


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