Open Discussion: June 18th, 2017

Like any other Sunday, today is the one day out of the week where the Open Discussion takes place here on OAG. If you don’t know, the Open Discussion series dives into different subjects about anything — but mostly about video games — and allows you to say anything on topic or veer and post up something unrelated to whatever is being discussed.

Whatever happens to be on your mind is more than welcomed to be shared in this series entitled “Open Discussion”. This topic usually explores different aspects of the gaming industry and the direction that it’s headed in or sometimes about other similar or related topics.

I should note that if any of your comments face any form of censorship in that it is removed or blocked, please do let us know so that we can address the comment back to what it was intended to be when it was first posted.

Now, this leads to this week’s topic, which is censorship. However, it’s just not specifically about censorship directly but about folks who defend it as some would call “Normies,” “Fence Sitters” and “Middles”. I’ve recently watched a YouTube video about two days ago and witnessed some pretty dumb comments, but to spare you the tragedy of losing some brain cells and, most importantly, time I’ll skip straight to the point:

The point behind this Open Discussion is that, although this is nothing new what I’m about to say, Fence Sitters  can sometimes be more problematic than one may think when it comes to censorship. I say this because I was reading a lot of the comments on said video and (most if not more than half) seem to be under the Niemöller effect where if censorship is not affecting them for the worst then it is not a problem for them, which is problematic when you really stop to think about their way of thinking.

To summarize the above in a concise manner: censorship has been growing and will continue to seep into other mediums at an alarming rate without individuals having the choice on what they want or desire to consume. It’s kind of like an animal at the top of the food chain, once its power becomes more dominate like its prominence, the animal at the top will only chase other game until there is nothing left to contend it; forcing a silent nation that does not dare speak up to the top when something unjust happens on a small or extreme scale.

Unlike a lot of YouTubers who talk on problematic matters but usually end with no empowerment for the individual watching, I’ll say that, yes, you as the Fence Sitter do have power to fight censorship that is propelled by an unjust agenda by posting up facts that back up other points you have made in a consistent and coherent manner.

I know that people who are aware of the above are probably thinking “I know all of this, though?” Yes, but this is for the Fence Sitter who says that censorship isn’t a problem. Additionally, the Fence Sitter is setting themselves up, like Niemöller noted, where there will be no one left to speak on their behalf when other people behaved in a similar fashion.

I think a quote that is worth remembering is one by Henry Ford that reads:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten”

So please Fence Sitter, think about the other person when they say that “my favorite medium has been taken over by censorship” instead of telling them “quit b*tching and moaning and get over it!”, you should consider that one day you might be in that person’s shoes. So when you contest another person about censorship dominating a medium, topic or subject matter  (even if that person may deliver their stance poorly or with merit) remember you are contesting your very own freedom and choice, because those who censor could care less about you and your rights in the end.


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