Open Discussion: June 18th, 2017
(Last Updated On: June 18, 2017)

Like any other Sunday, today is the one day out of the week where the Open Discussion takes place here on OAG. If you don’t know, the Open Discussion series dives into different subjects about anything — but mostly about video games — and allows you to say anything on topic or veer and post up something unrelated to whatever is being discussed.

Whatever happens to be on your mind is more than welcomed to be shared in this series entitled “Open Discussion”. This topic usually explores different aspects of the gaming industry and the direction that it’s headed in or sometimes about other similar or related topics.

I should note that if any of your comments face any form of censorship in that it is removed or blocked, please do let us know so that we can address the comment back to what it was intended to be when it was first posted.

Now, this leads to this week’s topic, which is censorship. However, it’s just not specifically about censorship directly but about folks who defend it as some would call “Normies,” “Fence Sitters” and “Middles”. I’ve recently watched a YouTube video about two days ago and witnessed some pretty dumb comments, but to spare you the tragedy of losing some brain cells and, most importantly, time I’ll skip straight to the point:

The point behind this Open Discussion is that, although this is nothing new what I’m about to say, Fence Sitters  can sometimes be more problematic than one may think when it comes to censorship. I say this because I was reading a lot of the comments on said video and (most if not more than half) seem to be under the Niemöller effect where if censorship is not affecting them for the worst then it is not a problem for them, which is problematic when you really stop to think about their way of thinking.

To summarize the above in a concise manner: censorship has been growing and will continue to seep into other mediums at an alarming rate without individuals having the choice on what they want or desire to consume. It’s kind of like an animal at the top of the food chain, once its power becomes more dominate like its prominence, the animal at the top will only chase other game until there is nothing left to contend it; forcing a silent nation that does not dare speak up to the top when something unjust happens on a small or extreme scale.

Unlike a lot of YouTubers who talk on problematic matters but usually end with no empowerment for the individual watching, I’ll say that, yes, you as the Fence Sitter do have power to fight censorship that is propelled by an unjust agenda by posting up facts that back up other points you have made in a consistent and coherent manner.

I know that people who are aware of the above are probably thinking “I know all of this, though?” Yes, but this is for the Fence Sitter who says that censorship isn’t a problem. Additionally, the Fence Sitter is setting themselves up, like Niemöller noted, where there will be no one left to speak on their behalf when other people behaved in a similar fashion.

I think a quote that is worth remembering is one by Henry Ford that reads:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten”

So please Fence Sitter, think about the other person when they say that “my favorite medium has been taken over by censorship” instead of telling them “quit b*tching and moaning and get over it!”, you should consider that one day you might be in that person’s shoes. So when you contest another person about censorship dominating a medium, topic or subject matter  (even if that person may deliver their stance poorly or with merit) remember you are contesting your very own freedom and choice, because those who censor could care less about you and your rights in the end.

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  • Disqusted

    The whole concept of censorship revolves around assholes who believe they have a special right to dictate the content that other people digest.

    They use bullshit excuses like, it’s for the children, or to avoid offending someone, or to avoid showing how naturally attractive females are. The fact is, mature, intelligent and responsible minds can deal with any kind of content, and don’t need assholes to “protect” them, or define what they can or can’t do.

    Censorship ultimately leads to mental regression. It is the denial of factual reality; the denial of existence. Relying on others to censor things is shirking self-responsibility. Censorship has no place in a mature society, nor should it have a place in reality.

  • durka durka

    The only thing that pisses me off now is the retardation of take two, really? You gonna shut down modding and make it illegal? Are you retarded?

  • tajlund

    Drawing attention to this, from it’s repost on PC Gamer. Thought you might want to take a look.

    • durka durka

      He doesnt feel safe because he is not part of a exlusive club anymore?

    • Disqusted

      There probably wouldn’t need to be security if Soros and his buddies weren’t literally destroying the planet. Every major fear/hysteria/offense shit going on right now can probably be linked back to their bullshit.

  • I sometimes also call these types of fence-sitters ‘Moderates’. I’ve been in this culture war for the last 6 years now (before “SJWs” and “GamerGate” were even a thing), so I have interacted with all kinds of people from both sides. From my experience, there are different types of fence-sitters/Moderates as follows:

    1) There are the ones who sit on the moral high-horse and berate anyone who actually gets aggressive and attacks back at the SJWs for doing something shitty. All because their heads are so far up their own rectum that they desperately want to be the “good guys” and don’t want people to “act like SJWs”. Every time they stop people from attacking back, the SJWs gets away with whatever shit they’ve done, and will make it seem as if there is no dissent against it. Normies won’t see any dissent and will think the SJW crap is the widely accepted view.

    2) Another type of fence-sitter are the “do nothing” types (you can apply this to 1) above as well). These people are primarily against SJWs, but they use the tactic of sitting back and letting the SJWs/feminists spew their cancer, in the hope that normies will see them for the cancer they are. This clearly isn’t working and again it only helps the SJWs.

    3) There are also the “I don’t-care-about-politics-I-just-want-to-play-my-video-games” types, self-explanatory. Also has a habit of berating anyone who speaks up on the issue of censorship and politics in video games, and sometimes says they’re “just as bad as SJWs”. Again, helps SJWs.

    4) The “boo-hoo your weeaboo anime boobies got removed” troll brigade, self-explanatory.

    5) And last but not least, there are the ones who actually want to reason with and accept SJW ideology all for the sake of being the “good guys”, “diverse” and “not being like SJWs”. They also ostracize and tone-police anyone who has a different opinion to them. KiA and a significant part of GG seems to be infested by these cucks. They are absolutely the most cancerous of fence-sitters by far, basically inviting cancer.

    All five above do nothing besides help SJWs. SJWs love it when people stay silent, because it means that they get away with the shit they do, makes it seem as if their ideology is the widely-accepted view, and it leads to their ideology being normalized into society.

    I completely understand this notion of being the “good guys” and “not acting like SJWs”, but over the last 4-5 years the SJWs/feminists have only been getting stronger. Just sitting on that moral high-horse isn’t working.

    • Alistair

      6) & there are SJWs that get paid doing above. That helps no one.

      There another saying “give them enough rope and they hang themselves” it often get reported of they mistakes.

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      I gotta admit i used to be and still to extent am “I don’t-care-about-politics-I-just-want-to-play-my-video-games” type of person. I mean if developers want to do something like what People Can Fly did in Battle out of hell as love letter to both germans and russians who left Poland in ruins during WW2 i am fine with it, but can we please keep level political correctness, movements and all that crap in games as low as possible and focus on what matters: gameplay, content and fun?
      Anyways, “Do nothing” types are worst. They are enablers and from my experience gets quite angry if you say that we should do something about sjws like standing up to them and their bs.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Attacking the people making free content for your game worked just swell.

    • Beautiful.

    • LurkerJK

      I’ve been thinking about the whole “Creator Club” thing since Bethesda made the announcement. Ive heard Totalbiscuit’s stance, which is a logical one, “modders deserve a compensation for their work”. While i admit most outright negative responses might be a bit irrational the more i think about the whole thing the more i come to the conclusion that in almost every scenario the addition of paid mods will be negative to the mod scene

      The ONLY positive point is that the “creators” *might* get a few dimes thrown their way, everything else is negative :

      * Since Bethesda/or whatever company copies them are backing the system, they are responsible, sooo mod content will be heavily moderated, censored and scrubbed by PR/Legal

      * Modders will be arbitrarily moderated by who knows who (probably a nepotism/diversity hire and Dina wanna be), you just know they are going to go through the twitter/facebook/whatever of every modder to find out of they supported Gamergate or Trump just like they did for Last Night, good luck with that

      * Mods will probably need a kind of “certification” process which will cause the same problems as certification does for Xbox: late patches, unnecessary costs for the modders and a good reason to not support a mod anymore

      * Since mods will be heavily regulated for both content and to prevent non-certificated mods to be installed, that means a special kind of DRM for modding, yay, more drm

      * Discovery of mods will handled by the devs/publishers, this can be a disaster depending in how the implement it, many say this is the point that did the most damage to custom maps for Starcraft 2 because it was hard to get games going with maps outside the top15 ones

      * Silly mods will be gone and variety will most likely drop, ppl that are looking to get paid will follow the trends, and following trends means more of the same

      * Whats going to happen with mods that fix bugs and generally make the Devs look like jackasses, are they going to let them through ?, maybe yes, maybe theyll go “we will address it in the next patch which might or not come” and kill it

      * Its very likely that litigation around mods will heavily increase, not only their notoriety will increase but now there is someone with big pockets to aim at

      * modders might have to work with deadlines in mind either because of sales or because they are chasing some creator club bonus/credit, while that might initially sound good, the reality is that instead of waiting for a mod to be “done” before releasing its very tempting to meet the deadline and “fix it later”, thats how the “fix it later” in actual development starts

      * What about mods that require modification of the game or installation of special tools, how is that going to work ?, will they be able to install things that work suspiciously like rootkits ?.
      Even with mod support, many mods require a hands on approach, how thats going to work with DRM and all that crap ?

      Blizzard tried a paid custom map thing on Starcraft 2 trying to get their mitts on the next dota, how did that work out for them ?, yeah, no “next dota”.
      Map makers complained they couldnt even test their maps properly because of the paid system, great, nothing better than barriers for testing

      • Disqusted

        No idea how Creator Club works, but I have no trust in Bethesda from how badly they f**ked up the Steam mod shit, among other things I hate about them.

        I wouldn’t say “modders deserve payment for their work”, I would say there needs to be a system that allows the average person to easily support modders, if they wish to. Pay wall related shit only causes problems.

        And I’m sure plenty of people already donate. They just need to make that a little easier for everybody.

  • Hawk Hopper

    IO Interactive now has complete control over Hitman. Lets wish them the best.

    I have never really understood myths or mythology from any culture. These things are referenced all the time, but I still really don’t know anything about them. Is there a good source that explains it all?

    Still based.

  • Hawk Hopper

    I usually say fence sitters can fuck off. They are usually the first people to tell you never to fight back. They usually push you towards pulling your punches. They usually cry about everything effective that you do against people that hate you. If whatever you fought against comes and bites them in the ass, what did they expect? Predators look for easy prey, ie a fence sitter.

  • Matthew Wolfbane

    I’m not in favour of any censorship through social pressure, no.

  • Laytonaster

    No. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of how mainstream it’s become, and how the bigwigs are prostrating with their anuses on display in the name of censorship and the condemnation of freedom of expression. I’m sick of all these apologists who come up with excuse after excuse to try and rationalize this bullshit, when in reality it’s because they don’t want to take any sort of responsibility for their emotions, lack of logic, and incompetence in the face of society. I’m sick of this future that this generation has created.