Past Cure Story Trailer Draws Comparisons To Inception
Past Cure

A new trailer for the game Past Cure released for the PlayStation 4, featuring a brief snippet of the game’s story, which seems to center around dreams, revenge and a mystery about demons.

The sci-fi thriller centers around stealth, fisticuffs and telekinesis. The minute long story trailer starts in a fancy house on the hills, but then begins to transition into a far more cerebral adventure. You can check out the trailer below.

It reminds me a lot of Vanilla Sky fused with the Adjustment Bureau, and with a tinge of Donnie Yen fight choreography tossed in for good measure.

Players will engage in some third-person shooting, melee takedowns, and even some stealth segments. But I’m just kind of curious what’s up with those guys who look like the Engineers from Prometheus ?

Anyway, the trailer compiles various scenarios that seems to give the game a nice, sleek look. Based on the way the lighting and environments are structured, in some ways it looks like it might be an Inception style experience where a majority of the game takes place in what looks like an office suite of sorts. The developers even chimed in on the comment section when someone said that the visuals and cinematography was similar to Inception, saying that he was thinking about it in the right way.

We covered some of the developmental builds on this site in the past, with an article highlighting a demo reel featuring some of the game’s animations.

Leave it to indie devs to actually try something new. I’m looking forward to Past Cure. It doesn’t have to be a blockbuster experience but if the combat is as fun as it looks in the video and the stealth and shooting segments are properly paced, I could easily see this game becoming a sleeper hit.


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