President Of SIE America Talks Progress Of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding
(Last Updated On: June 19, 2017)

In a recent interview that another publication site struck up with President of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) America, Shawn Layden, some interesting bits of information came out regarding progress of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. Although there is very little information on the game at the moment, the interview brings out that there is an actual playable build of Death Stranding.

Recently President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Shawn Layden, took up an interview with publication site The Telegraph and noted some interesting things about Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game Death Stranding. The publications site covered quite a bit of things regarding this year’s E3 and the games present and absent at the event, including Death Stranding.

The site asked Layden about the current progress of Death Stranding and how the game is coming along during this very moment. Layden revealed that the game is progressing nicely and is actually playable. How much is playable you may ask? Well, that is uncertain at the moment given that Layden did not say how much is playable as of June, 2017, which to my guess the game is likely a ways off from being officially complete.

In addition to the above, we do know that the game is out of its concept stage and Layden, himself, noted that he actually played the game and said that…

“It’s as revolutionary a experience as Kojima has been promising.”

Furthermore, the interview also touched on how the game progressed so quickly in which Layden replied that it was due to Kojima and his team working with the Decima Engine from Guerrilla Games. If you don’t know, the Decima Engine is used to power Horizon: Zero Dawn, and is currently in use to power Death Stranding. According to the publication site we learn that prototype levels are set up and are playable too.

So what does the above all mean? It means that the game is coming together nicely, except it will still take time before it ships out whole for the public to consume. As of now Death Stranding is in development for PS4.

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  • Hawk Hopper

    I’m as excited for this game as I am for Metal Gear Survive.

  • Disqusted

    Must really suck having their own engine stolen from them (yes, I know Konami legally owns FoxEngine, but I don’t care) and needing to learn a new one again.

    I thought Kojima said he didn’t want to be known as the Metal Gear guy, so I was hoping he’d make something completely different, but the header image doesn’t look too far from something Metal Gear-ish.

    If I recall correctly, the announce trailer was also of some naked guy on a beach, or something. Not really something I care about. Unless it’s literally about running around town naked to annoy people. Then it might be funny. A stealth game where you can’t let anyone see your naughty bits.

    • It’s like a more surrealistic version of Metal Gear (if that’s even possible) dealing with the metaphysics of life strands that rope organisms together between the states of life and death .

      Mads Mikkelsen is why this is likely going to be a day-one buy for me. Mikkelsen is awesome.

      It’ll probably have a lot of psychobabble that is Kojima’s trademark; but it’s such a shame because you’re 100% right about the Fox Engine. Konami may own the code but they don’t have the skills, the integrity or the intellect to use the engine beyond excreting out derivative software husks based on the flaccid whims of boardroom executives too bereft of any creative thought to use it beyond fellating the empty notion of pointlessly raising the financial profile of a dying company.

      • Disqusted

        Sounds complex. Any idea how that’ll translate into gameplay? What I like most about Kojima’s games is being able to f**k around and break serious context in very silly ways. Hopefully he will come up with more hilarious ways to do that.

        Completely agree about Konami. Waste of an engine when they can’t use it for shit. If they didn’t suck so much, they could at least make it publically available like Unreal Engine or something. But no, they use it for crappy pachinko CGs.

        • It’s gonna be a typical third-person shooter like The Division. Somehow multiplayer will play a role in it due to the “rope strand” effect Kojima was talking about, but no one knows exactly what that means yet. I’m guessing something akin to Dark Souls?

          • Disqusted

            Hmm :/

            Thanks for the details.

  • Bamf

    “Yes, the game is coming along nicely. No….. we still don’t know what it’s about…..”