Rakka Short Film Is Free To Watch On Steam And It’s A Gory Sci-Fi Thriller

Rakka - Sigourney Weaver

Neill Blomkamp is best known for the South African sci-fi flick District 9. He’s followed up that smash hit with slightly lesser hits such as Elysium and Chappie, the latter of which was about a ghetto robot. Well, Rakka is anything but ghetto.

The 22 minute short film is a gory science fiction thriller, combining the horrors of films like Aliens (obviously Neill’s way of getting back at Ridley Scott for undermining him and subverting his Aliens project), but with the desperate struggle of humanity trying to fight back, closer to the likes of Terminator.

The short is only 22 minutes long and there’s a trailer to prime you for what’s in store. Be warned, it’s not for the faint of heart and if you enjoy lots of body parts going bang, gibs, blood, and mutilation, you’ll definitely like Rakka.

You can almost feel the middle-finger rising from Blomkamp towards Scott, as he not only utilized themes from the Aliens franchise, but also managed to scoop up Sigourney Weaver in the process. Originally Weaver and Blomkamp were going to work together on the new Aliens flick that Blomkamp was going to be working on, which would have picked up after the events of James Cameron’s 1988 flick, Aliens.

Basically, Blomkamp would have erased David Fincher’s abomination that was Aliens 3, and culled from the sci-fi universe the even bigger abomination that was Aliens 4. Blomkamp’s revisionist history of the franchise would have erased the latter two and brought back characters like Newt and Sergeant Hicks.

Unfortunately Fox put the District 9 director’s efforts on hold so they could give Ridley Scott a financial oral massage on the knob of his ego, letting him produce yet another abomination in the form of Alien: Covenant.

Hopefully we can finally be rid of Scott’s nuisance and flaccid ego draping over the Alien franchise like the saggy mammaries of a prostitute rolling down the face of Herman Cain.

Anyway, if you’re bummed about Fox letting Scott rape the integrity of the Alien franchise further, do yourself a favor and check out Oats Studio’s first volume of short films starting with episode 1, Rakka. You can stream the first episode for free over on the Steam store.