Shenmue 3 Delay Sees New Release Set For Second Half Of 2018

Ys Net has some rather bad yet good news for fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of Shenmue 3. The bad news is that the game will be delayed to the second half of 2018, which in laymen terms means that the game is nowhere near playable. The good news is that the game will be bigger in scale and much better when it releases on said date for PC and PS4.

That’s right, Shenmue 3 has faced a delay in which the announcement was made by Ys Net. The bad news is that the game will be pushed back by an entire year before folks will be able to get their hands on the product. The good news is that the game is said to be much bigger in scale compared to its previous scope.

This information about the game being delayed from 2017 to the second half of 2018 comes in as no surprise given that the Kickstarter project was said by the devs to not make an appearance at this year’s E3. Given that the game was in no form or shape to appear at the game convention this year means that they are a long ways out, and sure enough this recent news about a delay and re-scheduling a release for the second half of 2018 popped up.

If you want further details about Shenmue 3 and its most recent delay, which stands to be both a good and bad thing, comes in by Ys Net director Yu Suzuki. The near two minute long video explaining the game’s current status can be viewed below thanks to Shenmue Dojo.

At the moment the announcement of Shenmue 3’s delay has spurred up a mixed reaction among fans. Some people are quite mad about the whole second half 2018 delay, while some people feel like it was inevitable, leaving others feeling that the delay will only make the end result, or game, that much better. As of now, only time will tell how the finished product will be at release.

Lastly, more information on Shenmue 3 can be found by heading on over to, and the game is currently in development for PC and PS4 and slated to release during the second half of 2018.


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