Shenmue 3 Update And Movie Clips Will Be Featured At Gamescom 2017

According to a new update featured on Ys Net main site, there’s a batch of new info surrounding Shenmue 3. The latest news regarding the Kickstarter project that will resume the 10 year plus story includes Gamescom 2017, a new logo, and new characters. Shenmue 3 is set to come out during the second half of 2018 and will be for PC and PS4.

As noted above, the new information surrounding Shenmue 3 comes in by Ys Net’s official website that details all things Shenmue. First up comes Shenmue 3 and how it will be exhibited at Gamescom 2017 starting August 22nd and ending on the 26th.

In addition to the above, the exhibit at said convention will feature the game’s “newest movie clips” and the latest updates. But that’s not all, the devs while at the event will bring some new “announcements”, but while we wait for mid-late August to come around there is a new logo the team wanted to share with the community as of this moment, which lies below.

The next piece of news shared in the latest update pertaining to Shenmue 3 revolves around three new characters. The first character out of the three stands to be a young girl who is noted to be “strong willed”, which is shown first with a broom in hand. The second character is said to be a potential shirt button projectile shooting character (which is a joke on the dev’s end) who has curl-rollers in hair. The last character out of the three is an older fellow who has a very long hanging mustache.

The three characters can be seen below.

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Like every month or near the end of a month, Ys Net usually offers a look into the development process behind Shenmue 3, so it’s likely that more information during July will hit the main page of, since the month after that will be Gamescom 2017.

Shenmue 3 is set to come out during the second half of 2018 and is set to hit PC and PS4.


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