Shot Caller Trailer Shows How America’s Justice System Creates Criminals
Shot Caller

From the producers that brought you Drive, Nightcrawler and Snitch, comes a movie that at least features two words in its title and just as many syllables as Nightcrawler. Game of Thrones‘ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau headlines an all-star cast of mostly TV actors in a badass looking film called Shot Caller.

Now usually if we cover movies on here they’re limited to action films, sci-fi flicks, martial arts romps, and super hero movies. However, in this rare instance the crime drama Shot Caller was begging for a bit of exposure because it looks really, really good. Also it’s one of those rare trailers that clocks in at nearly three minutes but they don’t actually give everything away.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Zero Media.

Nikolaj players a well-to-do father and husband who has his life changed drastically in one night. During the most dangerous fistbump in his life, he runs a red light and ends up getting his buddy Tom killed. This lands him in the American penal system where he faces the potential rehabilitation through physical violence, death, or the dreaded intestinal phallic insertions.

In order to avoid having his buttocks become the property of someone else’s bad intentions, the preppy domesticated husband decides to get buff, get tough, and fight back. There’s a lot of interweaving ins and outs of the psychology and grit required to navigate the American penal system, and it definitely makes you not want to go to prison for any reason.

The trailer reveals a heck of a lot about the movie during its short runtime, showing how Nikolaj’s character slowly devolves into a criminal force to be reckoned with. He’s accompanied by other strong television actors such as Jon Bernthal and a nearly unrecognizable Jeffrey Donovan. Other familiar faces such as Benjamin Bratt, and Lake Bell also make the cut. Bell, in particular seems to be outputting rather strong work that seems to be overlooked a lot. Maybe the media aren’t as interested her roles since she doesn’t like playing up the typical victim complex?

Anyway, Shot Caller is due to drop “soon” in theaters. It definitely has the potential to be a sleeper hit of 2017.


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