Sky Rogue Beta 2 Brings More Content, Bug Fixes And Mod Code

Fractal Phase not too long ago released the second beta build for the low-poly arcade flight sim Sky Rogue. The new update/beta 2 build offers a list of new content, bug fixes, changes to various mechanics and the use of new code localization for modders. Sky Rogue is out now for PC via Steam Early Access.

Beta 2 for Sky Rogue brings a bevy amount of new stuff for players to discover, and one of the new features is a mode called “Endless Mode” that does exactly what its name implies. Tagging along with said mode comes the first mobile sea enemies and ROGUE II aero, which is the first piece of “New Game+” content.

The new beta 2 update also addresses a lot of the problems plaguing the game such as performance issues and stuttering for those who are experiencing said problems. As of course, the update also fixes other in-game features like Flak turrets rate of fire, certain weapons only appearing as “usable” after the game has been complete and much more.

Furthermore, the mod code has been updated to support translation for different text. In other words creating code in your own translation(s) is now possible, and more official translations are said to come in the future. You can learn more about the translation update by heading on over to

In addition to modding, if you happen to be new to the modding scene of Sky Rogue and wish to get better at altering the game with custom content you can read a Steam user guide by Gunmetal Buffalo, who details a lot about Sky Rogue and modding the game.

Lastly, the devs also noted that beta 3 has more content currently in the works and will bring better mission variety and “meta game side-effects” for destroying key buildings. With that said, the game is available right now for PC via Steam Early Access for $9.99. Gameplay footage of the first Beta can be seen below.


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