Sony Executive Comments On PlayStation 5’s Arrival

Sony not too long ago released its newly enhanced console, beefing the standard PS4 to the PS4 Pro. The new device stands as a 1.5 device that bolsters the previous named console’s specs but at slightly higher intervals to allow for an enhanced “experience”. Well, where does this put the PS5? President and CEO of Sony interactive Entertainment of America, Shawn Layden, has the answer.

As many gamers and fans of Sony and Microsoft should know, a pair of 1.5 consoles hit the market known as the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S. The former console had some people wondering if Sony shot itself in the foot and would see the PS5 casting a giant shadow on the current PS4 Pro console. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case according to Sony interactive Entertainment of America, Shawn Layden, who told publication site that the PS5 won’t be seen for “some time”.

In other words, the PS4 Pro will still have time to move units without cannibalization stepping in due to the PS5 hitting store shelves and e-tailers early.

The topic of the PS5 releasing sometime soon comes in part of the publication site inquiring Layden whether or not fans should expect any games releasing exclusively for the PS4 Pro, which in turn prompted the President and CEO of SEI America to say “That will never happen!” This has a lot of fans saying that the PS5 will carry on the exclusive game tradition like this current era, with Layden stating that, “Yes. It will probably be some time.”

As it stands now, there is no telling when Sony could actually drop a new PS console. Yes, Sony could wait another year or maybe two, but as it stands now they could pull out all kinds of tricks with the actual device releasing shortly after an announcement or much later. Reading a lot of comments around various forum boards sees many wanting Sony to wait and release the PS5 (or whatever its moniker may be) later rather than anytime soon.

Currently, the Sony family of consoles consist of the PS4, PS4 Slim and the most recent integration, and the most powerful of the named PlayStation hardware, the PS4 Pro. With that said, what’s your thoughts on the PS5 slated to be announced/release later?


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