Starbound 1.3.1 Adds New Sounds, Fixes Typos, And Adds Mech Horns

Chucklefish released patch 1.3.1 for Starbound featuring a whole bunch of fixes. If you were hoping for a lot of new content or upgrades to existing systems then you’re going to be very disappointed. The update focuses mostly on making tweaks, fixing typos and adding a few new sounds to the game.

If you have the Steam version or the GOG Galaxy version of Starbound, you may have noticed that the game has automatically updated. The new update won’t affect too many mods out there, but some of the tweaks, like to the sound of gunfire, monsters and mech components, has seen a few mods updating in light of those changes Chucklefish made to the game.

Also, given the scope of Starbound and all the text featured throughout the game, it was bound to have some typos here and there. Well, they mentioned over on the official website that they fixed a lot of the game’s typos.

Additionally, a number of bugs regarding block placements, quests, swimming off rails, traps in challenge rooms, and even some physics issues, have all been squashed.

Just about every major item on the changelist focuses on bug fixes. There are a few other highlights that some of you may have noticed while playing the game, though. The boats no longer can sail out of the water, so that’s been modified (for better or for worse, depending on your preference for boats taking flight out of the water). Also, hoverbikes behavior has been completely reworked when used in zero gravity. So if you have a hoverbike give it a spin and see how well it behaves now that the new changes have been implemented.

They also fixed the rail trams from driving off the ends of active stops.

They also added a few more mech horns for those of you keen on building your own mechanized suit to help you out.

If you don’t have Starbound the game is available right now for PC for only $14.99.

(Main image courtesy of guilti_88)


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