Sucker Punch Productions New Game Rumored To Be Revealed Soon
(Last Updated On: June 26, 2017)

Sometime early this year or early 2017, it was noted that the developers behind games like Sly Cooper and InFamous, Sucker Punch Productions, have a new game in the works. As it stands now, PlayStation Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida mentioned that the work on this new game is “progressing forward”, which adds to the rumor that a new InFamous game or new IP will be revealed soon.

The news surrounding the most recent information regarding Sucker Punch Productions latest project that is “going well”, has a lot of fans and gamers alike thinking that the rumor pertaining to a new InFamous or new IP could be revealed very soon. The information about the new upcoming game that is treading through development at a nice pace according to PlayStation Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida, comes in by publication site GameRant.

It is worth mentioning that although we haven’t heard all that much information about the new project in the works, official word by Yoshida and Sony has popped up that the studio is making “good forward progress.” The news about the new game has become something of interest by many fans in that no sign of it tip-toed out at E3 2017, however Yoshida was on hand to confirm that the game has not been canceled.

According to the publication site, Yoshida, in fact, noted that he had played the game personally on multiple occasions. Something worth noting, just because a game is playable does not mean that it is near finished at times, however it does stand as an indication that a lot of work has gone into the project.

As of now, the rumors have it that Sucker Punch’s next game or title will be a new IP, however I should also point out that the publication site noted that Sony has no plans on retiring the InFamous franchise, so take that however you may like.

Lastly, the new game is said to make an appearance at PlayStation Experience 2017, which will kick-off sometime during December. Although the game is said to be “progressing forward”, what do you think of a new Infamous game or a new IP by Sucker Punch Productions?

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  • Phasmatis75

    Awhile back browsing information on a possible new Infamous game I came across information about the layoffs at Sucker Punch. It was an obscure article, but it stated that Sony had sacked the top developers at the studio.

    Don’t blame them, they were pushing for years for multiple powers, and finally produced an extremely bland experience when they got the chance. They also humiliated Sony by making each character a walking stereotype and the game include drug war propaganda.

    First Light the first project made without them essentially retconned Drug War Propaganda girl into a great character that made her own mistakes. Would have loved an entire game with just her instead of the main character.

    Leaked concept art for the new IP showed a western setting, so either this will be an infamous game set in the past, or a new IP set in the Wild West. What’s sad about Infamous is that in it’s lore Paranormal, Psychic, and other phenomena are real, but the lead developers just kept idiotically focusing on super powers.