Survive The Nights Is A Survival Game With Seasons, Zombies, And Mental Health
Survive The Nights Trailer

A2Z Interactive released a new trailer for their upcoming open-world horror-survival game, Survive The Nights. With a name like that it’s pretty freaking obvious they’re expecting to hook people with a slick premise and some tight gameplay.

The new trailer for the game arrives ahead of its official launch into Early Access on Steam, which is set to take place soon. Right now they’re selling pre-orders over on the Humble Bundle store for $24.99.

You can check out the trailer below, which is just over three minutes, courtesy of the Math Chief.

Like other games, in the genre, it’s a multiplayer survival game, with melee combat, projectile-based weapons, and some sort of moral system. Apparently continually killing players on sight will degrade the mental health of your character, so you’ll have to pick and choose when the right time is to kill another player.

The hook for the game is that during the night cycle zombies will roam the streets, adding an extra layer of challenge to the game in addition to the competitive multiplayer aspects.

Crafting material, cooking food, and hunting animals is also possible. You’ll need to hunt and store food given that the game has four seasons, and certain animals and food won’t be available during the winter. So you’ll need to stockpile resources.

Additionally the game will offer electronic devices, traps, locks, the ability to board up houses, and even rig a house with electricity once you’re able to craft a generator.

Vehicles are present, along with the ability to team up with other players and travel and survive in the world together.

I think the seasonal gameplay and the horror elements are what could help separate it from games like 7 Days To Die, since ultimately you’ll have to think for the long-term as far as survival is concerned, as opposed to just maintaining the repetition of day-to-day survival.

Ultimately Survive The Nights is still another derivative game in the survival simulation genre, but they’re adding a few new gimmicks to the pot to help make it interesting and slightly more unique compared to other games out there like DayZ and H1Z1. You can look for the game to enter into Early Access soon, or learn more about the features by visiting the official website.


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