Tale Of Ronin, RPG Title In Development For PC And Consoles

Tale of Ronin is a “dynamic” RPG that is currently in development for PC and console, which is safe to assume includes the PS4 and Xbox One. The upcoming indie title that follows turmoil, peace, choices and consequences of a ronin is being designed by Dead Mage.

Tale of Ronin is a game that sports simplistic art but seeks to provide gamers with depth and choices in a dynamic setting. I’m not sure if this game will be something big, something mediocre or a fail at release, but what is known is that the devs behind Tale of Ronin want to bring a mix of skill and witty storytelling to the RPG package:

“Live as a ronin, survive the consequences of your choices in a dynamic world of turmoil and violence. An RPG game about camaraderie and betrayal, about war and peace, and above all honor, coming to PC and consoles.”

The official trailer showing gameplay footage and other scenes in Tale of Ronin sits below courtesy of Dead Mage.

I do have to say, though, that the blood spray at 0:58 reminds me a lot of Shogun Assassin or Lone Wolf and Cub movies and their kill scenes. I mean from the looks of it every battle will have ridiculous amounts of blood spray, which is kinda funny and like this kill count video below.

Moreover, if you are into simple and dynamic looking hand drawn characters or scenes in video games and like serious yet dramatized Japanese ronin tales, I think you might take an interest in Tale of Ronin. As of now no release date has been set, but the devs have tweeted a new image on Tale of Ronin’s Twitter account as a recent reminder that they are still developing the game.

Finally, more information on Tale of Ronin can be found by hitting up either taleofronin.com or deadmage.com.


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