Tower Of Time, Real-Time RPG Set To Hit Steam On July 3rd

A game that once started on Steam Greenlight comes in by publisher and developer Event Horizon and goes by the name of Tower of Time. The real-time RPG title is said to bring back that classic “feel” of older RPGs for PC, and is currently set to hit PC via Steam Early Access come July 3rd.

Tower of Time features hand-crafted levels filled with various enemies, challenges, puzzles and “engaging story-lines”. The game is also set to feature RPG elements coupled with a unique combat system that is said to bring a real-time challenge to players. If Tower of Time sounds interesting so far to you, both the official description and trailer sit below for your viewing pleasure.

“Tower of Time is a classic RPG with a unique real-time combat system where tactics are more important than equipment. Explore the Tower, buried underground for millennia, and uncover the history of times long gone and the mystery of why your land is dying.”

The game explores the buried secrets and mysteries of the Tower. Upon uncovering these secrets, players must find key items to progress further in where hidden scrolls are cleverly placed around the many hand-crafted levels that can be utilized by deciphering their cryptic codes.

Moreover, there are seven classes to choose from, and your party can be adjusted at anytime to help uncover any challenging puzzles. Additionally, each character hones unique skills that can be upgraded and re-trained at will, which those upgrades often change the core nature of certain skills.

Lastly, Tower of Time features a crafting system that allows players to create items of different power. Other ancient enchanting recipes can change the outcome of a battle, granting special attributes like regeneration, immunity and other helpful effects.

Tower of Time is currently set to hit PC via Steam Early Access on July 3rd, 2017. Additional information on this game can be found over on


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