Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Graduates From Early Access, Download Available For $15.99
Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

Another Early Access success story. Brilliant Game Studios announced that Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is currently available right now on Steam for $15.99. During the first week of its official launch you can get it for 10% off for only $14.39. The game recently graduated from Early Access after originally entering the development phase on Steam back in April of this year.

The game is exactly what the name implies: you can simulate epic battles.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator sees players throwing up to 10,000 entities on the screen and watching them do battle. Heck, you can go even further and throw in 100,000 entities on screen and watch them do battle. However, the developers note that it’s unwise to put that level of strain on your CPU unless you have something like the Intel i9 Extreme, in which case you’re practically running a small super computer from out of your home.

You can see what Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator looks like in action with the launch trailer below.

The game features a number of different scenarios, such as Centurions, Knights, Persians, Spartans, chickens, average Joes, Orcs, and more.

The developer worked on building his own global illumination engine, to help simulate proper lighting and shadows. He upgraded and improved the AI pathfinding so that each of the character actors would properly simulate behavioral patterns. He also worked on optimizing performance so you can simulate battles like 20,000 Persians versus 300 Spartans. Check it out below.

That’s some highly impressive stuff.

One of the more notable aspects of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is that the lighting is refined and restrained. There’s no over-saturation, an abundance of bloom, or too much specular highlighting. It’s a nice mixture of lighting and shadowing to give the game and the battle scenarios a solid looking aesthetic.

There are still some issues with the game, though. Units with projectile-based weapons don’t have to reload, making certain match-ups completely unfair, and the AI logic still isn’t the best when it comes to reassessing situations and adapting to the current conditions.

Even still, if you want a generic battle simulator with an epic scale, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator doesn’t seem like a bad way to go. You can learn more about the game or pick up a digital copy from over on the Steam store.


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