Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Demo Gameplay Features Better Pacing Than Uncharted 4

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

Some new demo footage of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy went live recently, featuring the early goings of the third-person, action-adventure game starring Chloe and Nadine.

Oftentimes referred to as Uncharted: Feminist Edition or Uncharted: Muh Diversity Mode, the upcoming standalone expansion puts two of the side-characters from the previous Uncharted games into the lead roles of the budget-priced jungle romp.

The demo footage starts with the intro of the game, which takes place in the rough jungle terrain of India. Nadine Ross and Chloe Frazier platform their way across some stone structures, only to find themselves involved in a firefight against some faceless men and an APC with a mean turret on top. You can check out the gameplay footage below courtesy of Shirrako.

The whole armored turret truck is a direct lift from Uncharted 4, where the truck terrorized Nate and Sam throughout the game.

Unlike Uncharted 4, this time around the gun fights and the platforming are intertwined a lot more smoothly. During the nine minute video both Chloe and Nadine have to run, roll and climb all while being peppered from nearly all sides by mercenaries and the rampaging bullet sprinkler on wheels.

The gameplay looks like typical Uncharted fanfare, but much closer in pacing to Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 as opposed to Uncharted 4. This is actually a good thing. The fourth and last game featuring Nathan Drake was a slow, plodding affair that punished run-and-gunners and rewarded players who took their time using the oftentimes boring and unentertaining stealth approach.

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The major issue was that in Uncharted 4 they removed some of the melee combat mechanics, and also separated a lot of the platforming from the gun fights, so you would have a really long and boring platforming segment where nothing happened, and then you would get a shoot-out and then another long and boring platforming segment, creating this sort of stop-and-go and, ebb and flow with the momentum of the gameplay. It was jarring for any fan of Uncharted because despite the criticisms levied at Uncharted 3, the one thing the game was never criticized for was being too slow and clunky when it came to pacing.

Anyway, despite all the Social Justice Warriors rallying around “muh diversity”, the actual gameplay for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy actually looks leagues better than Uncharted 4 based on what they’ve showcased so far. We’ll find out if the rest of the game is as sleek and well polished as the demo above when it launches exclusively on the PlayStation 4 August 22nd.

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