World Of One, Tim Burton-Inspired Side-Scroller Releases June 6th
World of One

Grimwood Team’s World of One is one grim-dark side-scroller. Players take on the role of a young man living in a dark and moody world, filled with grayscale grim set amidst a sullen atmosphere. The game centers around exploring small, rounded worlds where puzzles must be solved and monsters must be defeated.

The game plays out very similar to Salt and Sanctuary, but it has the look and thematics of a game like Limbo… well, if Limbo was created by Tim Burton.

You can get a glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Originally I wasn’t sure what to expect from the game, but I love the concept of traveling around a tiny planet facing off against deadly creatures.

The mixture of puzzle-solving and actual combat puts it closer in line with games such as Hollow Knight. The main difference here is that it appears as if maybe you can sometimes flee from enemies instead of always having to engage them. Choice is the flavor of life.

Additionally, they mention in the press release that there are different ways to solve many of the puzzles in the game, and this also carries over into the endings as well, for which there are three. Depending on the choices you make throughout World of One will determine which ending you end up with.

The Tim Burton aesthetic is a nice touch. While there are a number of Gothic-style games out there, few have managed to combine Eldritch abominations with Burton’s classic Gothic-nightmare style. The team at Grimwood, who are stationed out of Kyrgyzstan, seem to have been able to accomplish that aesthetic with flying colors.

After having successfully overcoming the Steam Greenlight challenge, Grimwood Team are now looking to release World of One onto the Steam store starting June 6th for just $6.99. You can learn a little more about the game by visiting the Steam page.


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