Xbox One X Comfortably Faster For 4K Over PS4 Pro, Says Sumo Digital

Crackdown 3

When it comes to running games in 4K, some developers aren’t shy in calling a spade a spade. Sumo Digital is currently working on finishing up Crackdown 3 for release this fall. The game is due to take advantage of the Xbox One X’s hardware capabilities, such as running games in native 4K, and design director from Sumo Digital, Gareth Wilson, explained to that they were able to achieve 4K on the Xbox One X with ease thanks to the devkit and the fact that Microsoft’s hard is “comfortably faster” than Sony’s PS4 Pro.

Wilson explained…

“[…] to be honest the dev tools we got were great. They pretty much allowed us to get it up and running at 4K straight away. It’s a beast, actually, that machine. It’s so much faster than the PS4 Pro. Comfortably faster, especially in terms of running things in 4K. There’s no question it’s more powerful, the question will be whether third parties make use of that full power or not.”

That’s a good observation and something that played a key role (and problem) during sixth gen, where the OG Xbox was suitably more powerful than the PS2, but not too many developers took advantage of that during the time.

The PS4 and Xbox One were both fairly close to one another in specs, with the PS4 having slightly more oomph under the hood thanks to its focus on games over being a media entertainment hub, but even then only a few devs really separated themselves in giving the PS4 a slight boost over the Xbox One when it came to graphics output. Most games opted to run at native 1080p at 30fps on the PS4, while they settled for 720p or 900p on the Xbox One.

In this case, the gap between the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro is far more significant than the gap between the PS4 and vanilla Xbox One. In fact, the PS4 Pro struggles to hit 1800p and 30fps for some games, much less maintaining native 4K on others. It’s an even bigger rarity to see a native 4K and 60fps title on the PS4 Pro. So far Microsoft has already confirmed games like Super Lucky’s Tale and Forza Motorsport 7 will be native 4K at 60fps.

Crackdown 3 will also be 4K, but they haven’t confirmed if it’s going to be 30fps or 60fps. The safe bet is likely 4K at 30fps, but if they manage 60fps I’ll be impressed.

It’s nice that Sumo Digital wasn’t afraid to simply call it like it is, as there are plenty of studios out there who will likely continue to download the differences between the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. More than anything, we’ll really begin to see the differences as the vanilla PS4 and Xbox One begin to phase out and more XBX and PS4 Pro exclusives start popping up.

Crackdown 3 is due for release this fall on November 7th for the Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox One X.

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