Xfield Paintball 3 Updated With New Mode, New Map, Improved Gameplay
XField Paintball 3

Xfield Paintball SAS recently updated their recently released first-person competitive paintball shooter, Xfield Paintball 3. The game arrived on Steam back at the end of May and just after E3 wrapped up they dropped a brand new update for the game featuring a new mode, a new map and improved gameplay mechanics.

Over on the Steam community page the changelog reveals that they’ve increased the overall speed when walking and running in the game, as well as added a brand new cover mode for when you get close to a bunker. You simply click near the pylon or bunker or tap space and your charatcer will automatically move into cover.

The speed in particular was one of the issues that gamers complained about in the user review section, so that’s been addressed. Additionally there were also complaints about the field of view and with major bugs causing the game to crash.

The devs have fixed some of the bugs and animation issues in the game, along with improving the field of view and the issues that gamers reported having with the HUD. Customizable controls have been added to the game along with improved capability with diving into cover, viewing the kill cam, and using the captain instructions while on the field.

Beyond improving the overall playability and stability of XField Paintball 3, the developers also updated the game content with a new map layout featuring a design based on the real life Atlantic City field layout.

There’s also a new mode called Walk in the Field, oftentimes shortened to WIF. This mode is used to design strategic team strategies by allowing players to actually walk the field and setup opportunities for attacks and defensive strategies. For now the Walk In The Field mode is only available through the Quick Play menu but they have plans on adding it to the main menu in the coming updates.

XField Paintball 3 is available right now over on the Steam store for $29.99, and the user rating is currently set at “Mixed”.


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