99Vidas, Co-op Beat-’em-Up Launching Soon For PlayStation 4


99Vidas is currently discounted right now during the Steam Summer Sale, which ends tomorrow on July 5th, but if you haven’t already picked up a copy of the game on Steam, you might want to hold off since the beat-’em-up title from Qubyte Interactive is set to launch soon on the PlayStation 4.

The game hasn’t received the best of review scores from users or news outlets. In fact, even here one of our reviewers at One Angry Gamer advised the community “Skip” 99Vidas. There were complaints about the lack of combos, the lack of versatile movesets for the characters, an inability to properly block and dodge, as well as overly difficult enemies and a proper lack of pacing.

However, gamers have generally praised Qubyte’s ability to have brightly animated characters and an aesthetic that truly does pay homage to the old beat-’em-up genre.

According to the developers 99Vidas has passed Sony’s quality assurance testing and certification phase, and they’re now prepping to release the game on the PlayStation 4. To celebrate this milestone they unleashed a new trailer for the game.

The game sports both local and online co-op modes, 11 different playable characters based on the online personalities of the 99Vidas Brazilian podcast, and it sports music directly inspired by 16 and 32-bit sprite-based beat-’em-ups from back in the day.

There are six boss fights, upgradeable skills, various weapons to use during a fight, two bonus levels to unlock, and a story mode that spans six different stages.

Hopefully for the PlayStation 4 release the developers took some of the criticisms to heart and tweaked the gameplay so that it better reflects the pace and gameplay stylings of the old-school 16-bit classics.

The game is currently discounted by 75% off over on the Steam store for only $3.24. The price won’t stay slashed for long, as it will go back to its $12.99 price point once the Steam Summer Sale ends.