Abandon Ship Trailer Takes A Look At Sea Monsters And Doomsday Cults

Abandon Ship

A new trailer was released for the upcoming seafaring naval game set during the age of sail, covering doomsday cults and sea monsters. Fireblade Software released the trailer during today’s media raucous caused by the San Diego Comic-Con. It’s an easy trailer to miss, but luckily it didn’t slip under our sonar.

The two minute trailer for Abandon Ship is narrated by Gary from Fireblade Software. He explains that a Cthulhu-style cult wants to force its enlightenment onto the world, whether people like it or not. With the world thrown into chaos and dismay, players will attempt to navigate the seas, facing off against bandits and pirates, rival factions and, of course, the cult.

But what’s more is that it’s not just other humans that players will have to be wary about, there are also ancient sea monsters from the olden times that will attempt to wreck your ride and force you to abandon ship.

You can check out the trailer below to get a glimpse at some of these dangerously large sea titans.

One of the things mentioned in the trailer is that unlike other convoys, fleets or factions, the cult does not surrender. So you can’t get them to turn about and leave you alone after dealing enough damage to their ship. It’s all or nothing; guts or glory.

The end of the trailer highlights the dangers of the Kraken, as it can attack and demolish your ship with ease.

Players will be able to explore the sea-filled world to discover ways to fight back against the Kraken, as well as discover more about the cult. One really cool shot shows the player vessel happening upon a giant icy island that appears to show some sort of ancient tentacle monster encased in ice. Spooky stuff.

You can learn more about Abandon Ship or keep an eye out for the game’s release by visiting the official Steam store page.