Absolver Pre-Orders Go Live On GOG.com; Deluxe Edition Detailed
Absolver Pre-Order

The upcoming multiplayer fighting game, Absolver, just had its deluxe edition detailed along with DRM-free pre-orders opening up over on GOG.com.

The deluxe edition comes with a 52-page art book, a copy of the game’s original soundtrack, and the game itself.

Pre-ordering Absolver from GOG.com will net you a 10% discount on the game, making it $35.99 instead of $39.99.

The digital deluxe edition is, as the name implies, a digital copy of the game. So you won’t be holding a physical copy in your hands any time soon.

As for the game itself… Absolver is a unique hybrid of sorts. You pick your character and jump into a semi-open world (probably a world that could best be summed up as a Soulsborne map that isn’t dark and Gothic) and you beat the crap out of other players and enemy NPCs.

The thing is, you have the choice of upgrading and evolving your fighting style by collecting new moves along the way. Now one really awesome feature in this game is that you can learn new moves by successfully parrying them three times. This is a really cool mechanic because it means that any move you don’t have in your arsenal, you can add it to your arsenal by successfully parrying the move and then soundly defeating your opponent.

The collectible card game structure fused with the ability to customize your move-set means that you’ll be able to hone your skills and develop your own fighting style the longer you play.

I believe Sloclap has a really sound concept for Absolver, but I have to be honest and say that I’m not the biggest fan of the game’s actual fighting mechanics.

Nevertheless, if you like what Sloclap is building and you’re interested in pre-ordering the game (although I would not advise anyone to actually pre-order anything) you can learn more or visit the pre-order page over on GOG.com.

Absolver is due for release on PC and PS4 starting August 29th.


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