Agents Of Mayhem Trailer Tries To Win Gamers Over With Various Preset Skins
Agents of Mayhem

Keeping with the trend of utilizing 1980’s TV show themes for the trailer, Volition’s latest offerings for Agents of Mayhem focuses on the various skin sets for the different agents, including a Magnum P.I., skin for the pre-order bonus of Johnny Gat.

The trailer is actually somewhat entertaining. The thing is, it’s cut together well and makes the game look a lot like what the original Crackdown was for the Xbox 360. You can check out the minute long trailer below.

We get to see various Agents in the game in different skins designed to allow players to express how they want the Agents to look while they run around causing mayhem.

We also get to see the various vehicles and vehicle skins that players can apply to give their rides different looks.

As a trailer, it works.

The action is tight and taut, and the flying car stunts and action-oriented scenarios makes the game look fun and lively.


The trailer is betrayed by the actual gameplay… or rather, the lack thereof.

Agents of Mayhem still seems to lack any discernible threats or villains worth carrying about. Most of the enemies are faceless hordes that just kind of stand around and pepper the player with direct line-of-sight projectiles.

There doesn’t appear to be any challenges to the gameplay either. You drive around and blow things up, or you jump around and shoot things in the face, but none of it looks particularly engaging.

Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row 4 both suffered from the exact same problems that seem evident in Agents of Mayhem. They had plenty of uninteresting baddies to fight against while constantly engaged in mundane AI shootouts. The only thing that helped Saints Row: The Third was that there were some fairly cool interior segments to play through, such as the awesome penthouse mission where Kanye’s “Power” played while you parachuted down into the pool on the rooftop, guns-a-blazin’.

In the case of Agents of Mayhem, the neo-Seoul backdrop seems cool, but they haven’t done much to make the environment seem like anything more than set-dressing for shooting gallery-style antics.

Agents of Mayhem‘s release is fast approaching and they still haven’t done much to make the actual gameplay seem fun beyond 10 or 15 minutes worth of mindless over-the-top romps filled with gunfire and explosions. While that might sound fun, it definitely reminds me of a neutered version of Just Cause 3 without the wingsuit.

You can look for Agents of Mayhem to drop on PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting August 15th, next month.


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