Agents Of Mayhem Video Highlights Rama, A Social Justice Warrior
Agents of Mayhem

A 26 minute gameplay demo featuring more of Agents of Mayhem, the open-world third-person shooter from Volition Software, has become available for the general public to consume. The gameplay features more of the Agents in action, along with a few of the gameplay mechanics being put primarily on display by the developers.

YouTube outlet GameCross compiled the footage and uploaded for all to see. You can check it out below.

The gameplay video centers around Rama, a doctor from Mumbai who is also an archer. Rama is a social justice warrior (literally) fighting against the oppressive Legion. Many poor people were plagued by a dark matter disease spread by Legion, which ends up ravaging her country. She takes it on herself to right this wrong by stealing small amounts of the cure from Legion in order to help the people in her country.

Rama eventually joins up with the Agency and gets a hold of some high-tech equipment and other gadgets. If you want the long-winded backstory and philosophy of her design, you can check out the full hour long stream below.

However, for the people who don’t care about character backstory and the concepts that led to art and visual design, let’s just talk about the 26 minute video up above.

Rama is Agents of Mayhem’s longest range character. She can snipe from a distance using her bow.

They mention that with Rama she can fire the arrow in two different ways, including rapid firing her arrow by briefly tapping the bow, or she can do massive damage by holding down the bow to charge up a shot.

Rama’s bow-wielding can be upgraded, altered and tweaked using gadgets. They explain in the video that you can swap out three different category of gadgets, including a passive gadget, a weapon gadget and a special gadget for the character.

Additionally, there are core upgrades for the character abilities, skill upgrades, and Legion tech to further boost the gadget stats.

The gadgets work very similar to the special moves and abilities from Hero Shooters like Battleborn or Overwatch.

They attempt to demonstrate a few different ways to combo special moves between the three characters on a team, swapping and swapping out the heroes in order to do maximum damage.

The combat is pretty much identical to Saints Row 4 in terms of enemies just kind of spawning around and pepper-firing you from a distance for the most part. The city itself is quite static, and there are hardly any civilians around, so it feels socially sterile.

Agents of Mayhem is due for release on August 15th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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