Angry Joe Disables Comments And Ratings On Videos Following Backlash
Angry Joe Censorship

Angry Joe Vargas is undergoing a community uprising over the fact that he recently announced that he won’t be putting out game reviews as frequently as he used to. Previously, the  game reviews were the main bread and butter for his channel, but he recently stated that you will have to wait until September, 2017 before he starts doing reviews again.

This has unquestionably sent shock waves of anger through the Angry Army, because he’s basically going to limit his output to about one or two angry game reviews a month. This was announced in a six minute video he did after also acknowledging he would be on vacation throughout most of the summer from July through August.

According to Joe, the only two video game reviews they have planned in September are Total War: Warhammer 2 and Destiny 2.

The announcement was not met with a lot of positive feedback. Majority of Joe’s content and financial support comes from producing videos, hosting subscriptions and selling shirts and other goods, so he obviously felt that scaling back specifically on game reviews was doable.

However, the video for Joe’s announcement in scaling back on reviews was met with a majority negative amount of comments and dislikes.

The thing that made people most angry about this was that Joe isn’t ending his reviews overall, just his game reviews. As pointed out by ReviewTechUSA, Joe is still producing reviews on the channel, just for other content not entirely related to games, such as his ongoing Game of Thrones reviews.

As pointed out in the video above, Angry Joe has indeed begun censoring all the comments on his videos now and removing the like/dislike ratio so now fans and viewers can no longer see what the ratings look like.

This isn’t entirely new for a YouTuber. Infamously, John “TotalBiscuit” Bain also did the same thing a while back, limiting interactions to those on Twitter instead of allowing people to post comments on the videos. He does, however, leave the ratings system up so you can see whether people like or dislike the content.

Joe’s measure is more akin to culture critic Anita Sarkeesian, who also infamously has all comments on her videos disabled and the like/dislike ratio disabled as well. She claimed that it was so her viewers didn’t have to see all the harassment from the comments, but others believe it’s so that comments containing fact-checks on her claims won’t be publicized on the video.

In the case of Angry Joe, he has more than 2.8 million subscribers, and obviously not a lot of people are happy about it, as evident in the comment section.

Other subscribers and financial backers were more angry about the promises made by Angry Joe about content scheduling, which now seems to be put on the back burner. This was a bigger issue for the financial supporters of the show, who felt as if it was one excuse too many.

One of Joe’s former cohorts, Micah Curtis from Blistered Thumbs, also chimed in about the issue and explained that it seems as if Joe is attacking his own audience.

Micah Curtis makes the point that the people who donate to Angry Joe’s show should have some say in the content since without the people’s donations there is no Angry Joe Show.

Joe gained a lot of supporters and followers when he was doing reports and feedback on anti-consumer topics, such as his viral video about Microsoft’s Xbox One DRM, or pointing out the dangers of on-disc DLC and other ill practices employed within the gaming industry, but since then he’s moved away from those topics and have focused more on pop-culture content and skit show reviews.

According to Joe, the comments and ratings will be re-enabled after about a month’s time. This is likely assuming that people won’t use the opportunity to trash the channel and Joe once the comments are re-enabled. For now a lot of Joe’s fans seem to be taking the attitude that they will simply unsubscribe for now and maybe they’ll come back in September when Joe finally produces a game review.

[Update:] Angry Joe has put out a video explaining his position on the decision to censor comments and how the decision was based on people who he claims are trying to shut down his other content.


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